Sunday, April 30, 2006

Addison's first wedding!

We took Addison to her first wedding. It was my friend Kelly's wedding. She didn't stay in the sanctuary long because she started fussing since she was so tired. Addie doesn't just fall asleep peacefully. She sort of has to cry and fuss to sleep, so Micah took her out and rocked and bounced her until she was tired enough to go down. Then...right when she fell asleep, the wedding ended. We took her home and my parents watched her so that we could go to the reception. She'll have plenty of chances to "live it up" since we have so many weddings to attend this summer!

We spent the weekend with Grandpa and Grandma Williams. There are a lot more times when she is happy now. She smiles this adorable little crooked smile when she sees one of us. This weekend when she woke up from her nap and started crying, she broke into a smile when she saw both her grandma (and grandpa on a separate occasion) come in to rescue her. She's got the whole crying-rescue thing figured out- "I cry and someone comes to get me!"

Here is a picture of Addison on my father's shoulder. When we were little (Lafe, Joyce and I), Dad said that he would walk with us on his shoulder and when we got tired, we'd eventually lay our head down. NOT ADDISON! She is very alert the whole time and when she's too tired to look around, she cries.

No cuddling for her!!! She's got things to see!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Grandpa and Grandma Hunt part 2

Here's some pictures of Addie Sue wearing part of her new outfit (her hat) that she got from one of our neighbors. It's a bit big on her tiny little melon but hopefully her head will start catching up to the rest of her.

I have no idea what she was staring at during this picture.

"I don't know if I trust you guys yet."

"I'm not fat! I'm big boned!"

Our dogs have taken a liking to story time since one of Addie's books has a squeakie duck!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

2 month checkup!

Addison had her shots on Tuesday at her two month checkup. She didn't have any delay time between the needle pricking her and her frantic scream. She started in immediately!!! It was very hard to watch but the nurse was very quick...which is the best thing she could have done. I nursed her immediately and she settled down pretty fast.
Here's a picture of her "wounds":

Addison weighed in at 11 lbs, 3 oz. which puts her in the 75th percentile. She is 22 inches long (40th percentile) and her head is only in the 20th percentile!!! I have an extremely small head too. My glasses are actually little kid frames so that they fit right. Maybe she'll be "light-headed" as well. Of course, at her next checkup the numbers could be completely different.

Grandma and Grandpa Hunt have been out visiting for a week. Addie and Ruthann have become napping pals. They have been known to take naps together for as long as 4 HOURS!!!

Stan held Addison and rocked her for 2 hours! Boy, does she like it when her grandparents come to visit! She gets lots of love.

Here's a picture I got of Lucas as he was peering into Addison's crib. He was pressing his nose between the railing and the bumper. I think he was curious to see who was in there because Addison rarely stays asleep when I put her down in her crib. He had to see for himself that there was a baby in there. Our dogs really are so sweet. I took Kaylee to the vet (she got her shots too) and we went through the automatic car wash together afterwards. It was so cute to watch her follow the water sprays on the windshield. The car wash attendants gave her a small treat too, so she and I had a grand time!!!

If you haven't met Addie yet, one of the first things you'll notice about her is that she LOVES to kick her feet like CRAZY. Ruthann and Stan bought Addie a play gym so she can get the squiggles out. Right now, she mainly gazes at the toys that dangle in front of her and sometimes she accidently bats or kicks one. But, I doubt it will be too long before she starts tugging on some of those nifty little toys!

We had a great visit while Grandpa and Grandma Hunt were here!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Birthing Class Reunion

On Saturday, Addison and I went to our Birthing Class Reunion at one couple's home. Micah couldn't go because he was taking a class that should help him be better prepared for his board exam. I was nervous about taking her by myself because I didn't know how she would act, but she did pretty well...for the first half. By the end of the afternoon, she was done socializing. We lined all the babies up on the couch and snapped our cameras excessively. Addison looks like she's whispering a secret to the girl beside her!

Nevertheless, Addison had to open up and share her feelings about the occasion. Notice she's the ONLY one voicing her opinion. Eventually, the little baby beside her started crying too, but I think it's because her ears were starting to hurt from Addie's screaming. To her credit, she is the youngest one there, by a couple I would like to think that had she been four months old like some of the other children here, she would have been more laid back too. Part of me thinks that Addie just isn't going to be that way...she's a mover and a shaker.

Grandma and Grandpa Williams came up this weekend for a funeral and I asked them to stay another day because they hold Addie and I get a break to nap or get other stuff done. Mom gave her a kiss before leaving for the visitation and we all started cracking up.

Our friends, Tara and Doug, were absolutely a godsend and volunteered to watch Addison for us last night so that we could have 2 or 3 hours to ourselves. I felt kind of guilty that I wanted a break so badly. Most mothers would probably not want to leave their 7 week old so soon. But, the excessive crying really starts to get to you after a while. I know Addison can't help her "colicky" behavior, but Mommy and Daddy can't either, so we took them up on their offer. I'm so glad we did too! Addison slept most of the evening and was really good for them and Micah and I went out to dinner and got to spend some time with just each other.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

6 weeks!

Addison turned six weeks on Friday. My mom and I took her to get her photos taken. I was really nervous about how she would act. She doesn't always cooperate. It turned out she wasn't the only one not happy. There were so many other children there crying too...I actually forgot that Addie was such a "high needs" baby! The pictures turned out really cute...thanks to her friend Wilson. He's this paper plate I made out of black construction paper. She just loves him. She smiled really big for him when we held him up. At first, I think the photographer thought I was nuts when I held him up, but then I think she really liked the idea and might make a "Wilson" of her own.
Here's one of the outfits we had her picture taken in. Her Grandma Williams made it! Isn't it beautiful? She looked so dainty in it!

Here's a picture of Addison that we took just after we got done with bathtime. She was really looking at if to say, "You're crazy! I'm stuck with you two for the next 18 years?"
We were just so thrilled because it was one of the first times we had given her a bath and she didn't scream at us the whole time. We think she likes the water a bit warmer than how we were filling it. Since we've made it warmer, she hasn't complained a bit!

We all took a walk to vote on the Stadium bill yesterday and Addison wore a pair of shoes for the first time. Don't her feet look huge? It's because they are compared to the rest of her body!

One guarantee we always get from Addison is that she will not cry when we change her diaper. I understand that many children cry when their diaper is changed, but Addie loves it. Since she can't roll over yet, it's one place we've found we can set her down while we run to the bathroom. She hardly makes a peep...except to giggle or grunt!