Saturday, December 30, 2006


We spent Christmas in California with the Hunt's and in Missouri with the Williams' .
She did fairly well on the plane trip out and back. Both of our flights were delayed so she got some walking in at the airport before take off.

Here are some highlights of our trip in the bay area:
  • We got to see our family and had a great time with Gigi, Papa, Aunt Beth, and Uncle Cory, and Rowan.
  • Addie got some great presents, including gifts from Russia!
  • Rowan and Addie played nicely together.
  • Micah and I got to go for a run along the was beautiful!
  • We got to have In-n-Out burgers.
  • The girls played a lively duet on the piano (see below).

Here's Addie trying out Rowan's Sit and Spin!

Ruthann read to both the girls before bedtime. I was actually nursing Addie before putting her down for bed and she heard Ruthann reading downstairs. She sat up and started saying "da-duh da-duh". She wouldn't settle down, so I took her downstairs and she finished listening to the book. It was so cute!

Addie feel asleep on the plane in mommy's arms both flights!

We had a problem with Addison dropping her binkies on the first flight out and it was nearly impossible to get them from underneath the seats, so Micah rigged this contraption up on the way home. It worked well!

Here are the highlights from our time with Memaw, E-pa, Aunt Joyce, Uncle Ken, Caleb and Toby:
  • Addie watched Caleb ride his scooter and big wheel around the block.
  • We opened lots of fun presents (again)!
  • Christmas was at our house, so we had lots of fun with our family staying the night.
  • Mommy and Daddy got to go to a movie with A. Joyce and U. Ken while Memaw and Epa stayed with the munchkins.
Addie shared her new activity table with her cousins (Toby & Caleb).

Here I am with Addison and Toby (my nephew who is 4 months younger than Addie, but one pound heavier)!

Toby sucks his thumb. It's so cute I had to take a picture.

We were extremely blessed this Christmas by our generous parents and siblings. Addison now has lots of clothes and toys and we have "toys" too! Most of all, we got to celebrate our Lord's birth. God is so GOOD!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

After many months, Addie Sue has decided to allow a tooth to come forth. She spends most of her day chewing on one, or two, index fingers as she waddles around. I guess the pointer fingers taste better. Here she is about to taste her right finger. Her proud tooth is just visible on the bottom.

Addie is looking forward to Christmas this year. However, I think that we told her the truth about Santa Claus a bit too soon.

We're slowly learning that if your child is playing quietly by themselves, then they're probably up to no good. Apparently, there was too much soil in one of Mommy's plants.

Why does the word "debonair" come to mind?

Addie Sue has a unique way of letting us know when she's had enough to eat.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Blessed family

Nothing really major has been going on this month. Still haven't seen a tooth. Addie is walking very well now and rarely falls. She's talking a bit too. She says "dada" and "duh"=dog, and occasionally says "hi". Why is it that the mom puts in so much work and they say "da da" first?

Anyway, here are some highlights of the last couple weeks:

Addie really likes spaghetti and hotdogs.

Rowan and Cory came over to visit us this weekend. They played nicely together (for the most part). It will be fun to see them together more at Christmas.

Addison still loves to play with everything that she shouldn't....The trash can for one example.

As she gets older, it's becoming more and more evident that Addie is a smart, playful, and sweet little girl who loves to talk (LOUDLY) to anyone who will listen!!! She loves her "Peekaboo" book (Thanks Tara!) and remembers to flip the flap down to see the baby's face everytime. She's also started to recognize signs, such as "milk", "more", and "all done". She loves to be chased and ride the "horsey" on mommy's leg. And everytime she hears music or I sing to her, she's adorable!

We are incredibly blessed with this little girl God has entrusted to us. It brings tears to my eyes to think that He has trusted us enough to parent such a joyful and special little girl.