Monday, December 13, 2010


I'm not the busiest mom ever...not even close. But I've been busy enough. I've launched a new business selling Thirty-One Gifts and LOVE it so far. I've made a profit already and people love the products so much that it has been fairly easy to book parties!

Check out my website:

My girls are growing like weeds! Eliza is such a doll. She's easy going and lovey-dovey. But busy as all heck. Lots of climbing and meandering around here! She also talks quite a bit, very expressive. Says "uh-oh" and "Hmmmmm" when she sees something yummy. Makes dog and cow sounds. Knows a couple body parts and, of course, knows Mama! I'm still her favorite person...for now. Especially when it's time to nurse!
So Big!

Eliza is starting to copy big sister! She loves to sit in her chair like her,

and sit on her tray like her,

and sweep like her too! 

Addie Sue is a delight as well. She's so smart...I think she knows more than me about some things. For instance, she's learning all the books in the Bible (and I have to defer to her to help me know what comes next). She's got them all memorized up to Amos (that's almost halfway!). She's also spelling and writing words all on her own. Once while we were out, I gave her a pen and paper to keep busy. When I looked over, she had written 4 or 5 words all on her own (Mom, Dad, Eliza, cat, and dog). 

She continues to be a great big sister too, although Eliza has started getting into her stuff more and is trying her patience. Addie has also discovered just how much fun it is to tease her baby sis!

Addie got to meet a Gingerbread Man in Downtown LS, but was a bit freaked out by him, so Daddy got in on the photo shoot too!

Eliza is smitten with herself!

I have plans to build some furniture using the website:
She shows simpletons, like me, how to build great "knock-off" furniture.
Here's my first build made out of wood pallets my neighbors wanted to get rid of:
A bookshelf!

 Eliza finally got her third tooth. Yes, only her third. She's 13 months and has been gumming everything. She was a bit fussy one night last week, so I pulled out the MOBY again so that I could cook dinner!

Lucas is back to chewing up books...he's so bored b/c this cold weather (and my bum knee) has put a  halt to his walks!
Poor Puppy!
 Eliza likes to feed herself...I hate the mess, but she's much happier so I just roll with it!

 My sister came out for Christmas and we bought their company car. It's really nice! We needed something bigger than my CIVIC and they got us a good deal. I'll post pictures soon! While they were out, we got to spend some time with my sweet nephews and niece. Here, Eliza and Leisel are playing with their dolls. Eliza LOVES dolls!

I won't let my next post be so long in coming. Just got busy with Thirty-One and trying to keep up with managing home and new business stuff!