Monday, May 16, 2011

What isn't new?

There is such a plethora of new information to divulge...I'll have to narrow it down to the top 10.

1. My garden: It's exquisite! I had to remove 12 barrels full of white rock from the front of the house...put in mushroom compost, and organic mulch...and tons of $ on perennials- but I LOVE it! It makes me so much happier to pull in the driveway and not see the old, dated white rock.

2. Piece and Quiet: I've been spending some of my mornings outside on our front porch for my quiet morning/prayer time. It doesn't last long b/c one of the girls is always up by 7:30. Nevertheless, it's the reason I wanted a home with a front porch...So I could sit outside, drink coffee and relax!

Addie caught me in the act one day last week!

3. My beautiful girls: Addie actually let me curl her hair for Easter. Don't they look adorable in their matching dresses? I know they'll be annoyed with me later- but it's too cute to pass up!

4. Kids and Candy: So...I give them too much evidently. A went to her dentist appt. at the beginning of the month and we saw a different dentist than the person who had been checking her out the last two years. Lo and behold- there really was something wrong with her 2 year molars! I had been concerned about them ever since they came in. They are brown in color...they look odd. The previous dentist said there was just a discoloration- we'd just keep an eye on them.  The last dentist said, "Take her to a pediatric dentist- she'll need 4 crowns". Turns out she has "hypocalcified enamel (basically no enamel) and her teeth are soft and falling apart. She got her first crown last week and actually had fun! Let's hope tomorrow will be fun as she gets her second one!

On that note...guess this will be Eliza's last sucker. Who am I kidding? It's the first of many, I'm sure.

5. Addie and the splinter: Addie got her first splinter and it only took four adults to get it out. She gets really upset about anything that might possibly hurt in the slightest bit. A bit dramatic- and yes, I know she probably gets this from me!

6. A new roof: We'll be getting one in a couple weeks. We're having a man from our church put it on and I think he's getting us a good our house will be looking spiffy soon- at least from an aerial view.

7. Spinning in circles: literally. The kids got to ride the carousel in T-town over Easter weekend. It's a tradition that we ride the carousel and train at least once when we visit.

8.A's soccer season is over. She was just getting the hang of it too! Hopefully, she'll want to do it next year!

9. Graduation: A is officially enrolled in Kindergarten at William Bryant Elementary. She sailed through screening and seems to be ready. She even made a new friend during enrollment and was doing headstands with him while mommies filled out paperwork. I'm sure the K teachers were making mental notes over who gets the two squirrely kids. Just kidding! She'll be a catch to have in class and I'm sure her teacher will enjoy her. She finishes up preschool this week. Her End-of-the-year program is this Thursday. I've heard others say it but it's true: It's hard to believe my baby is going to Kindergarten!

10. Growing like a weed: Eliza is trying to be a big girl. She had her 18 month check up and is 60% for height and 25% for weight. Her head is in the 50%tile. She says "Where it go?" or "Night, Night Mommy!" and she's learning just like a toddler...soaking everything up. She imitates, Climbs- EVERYTHING, and gives the best kisses this side of the Mississippi. Who cares if they are a bit wet and mucus covered!