Monday, September 20, 2010

She's my Cherry Pie...

Addie and I made our first homemade pie together. We stopped by our old neighborhood to visit some neighbors and Edith gave us some cherries from her cherry tree! Doesn't it look scrumptious?

dressed for church

 Eliza is so close to walking! She takes a step and then goes straight to the floor. She's actually a pretty fast crawler, so walking might seem like a slow down to her. She loves to chase the dogs or Addie around while she's crawling.

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 Our neighbors gave us free tickets to the circus. It was at 7 pm last Thursday and I was hesitant since Eliza goes to bed then. I figured it would be miserable with a grumpy & tired baby. She surprised me though. She was completely enthralled with the entire scene! The two of them sat still the entire time!

 I took the girls to the Blue Springs Fall Fun Fest parade on Sat. while Micah had to go to a conference for work. It was neat to see old cars and marching bands. Addie loved picking up the candy! Eliza cried when the fire trucks went by with their sirens, but that was short lived...thankfully.
Eliza crawled on top of me last night when I was taking pictures of her. She's a mommy maniac. Seriously...she has to be my biggest fan (next to Kaylee, of course).

Addie Sue is still enjoying preschool. It's hard not knowing what her day is she's getting along with the other children. But, she seems to be listening well (according to her). I guess I'll find out the real story at P/T conferences!

My Kaylee girl has to have surgery tomorrow to remove a couple cysts in her eyes. Please pray that it will go well and that she will recover from the anesthesia without any problems. She's truly loyal and loving and I adore her. Watching her get old really stinks. :(

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Addie's First day of Preschool!

Today, we took Addie to her first day at PLAY TO LEARN PRESCHOOL. She walked in & started playing with no problem!
The whole family
Hanging her backpack

Unfortunately, right before we left, a little girl came up and took her toy. Addie told her she was playing with it, but the little girl didn't care. So, we left a crying Addie. The teacher was dialoguing with the girls and I'm sure the issue was resolved. I guess that's why we send our kiddos to learn how to deal with others!

However, I had to make Micah leave. Otherwise, the teacher would have to resolve an issue with Micah and the little girl too!

Proof: Micah was taking pictures at the time of the conflict. 

Off the topic....look who's standing on her own:
Eliza stood for 18 seconds yesterday!