Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How do I love you...

There's this book I got Eliza when she turned two...it makes me cry almost every time I read it. 

Here's how it goes:

How do I love you?
Let me count the ways.
I love you on your very best
and very worst of days.
I love to see you laughing and dancing in the rain;
And even when you lose your shoes, I love you just the same.
I love to hear you singing.
I love to see you smile.
I love the way you take each day in your own unhurried style.
I’m happy when you’re happy,
and I’m sorry when you’re sad.
And even though it may not show, I love you when you’re bad.
How do I love you? Well, now let me see…
I love the way you act so brave when you fall and hurt your knee.
I love to watch you sleeping, tucked away in dreams,
I love to hear you whisper all your giant plans and schemes.
I love the way you wear your pants with the front part in the back.
And the way you walk around sometimes with your head inside a sack.
I love to see you deep in thought.
I love to watch you play.
And though I’m sure you’ll never know it, I love you more each day.
How do I love you? It’s impossible to say.
For if I had a million days and time enough for all the praise,
I couldn’t tell you all the ways…I LOVE YOU!
P. K. Hallinan

It's better with the pictures...trust me. You've gotta read it!

It pretty much sums up motherhood for me anyway.

On to pics...

Addie is showing off her dance moves. She has her first dance recital next month. She says she's nervous. I know she'll rock it!

I'm lucky to have regular playdates with some girlfriends from college who happen to have children the same age as mine. Here's our crew, minus Addie Sue who was at school.

Mr. Blue Eyes

This is my studly husband posing right before he raced in the Warrior Dash. Trust me ladies...he's quite a warrior, just hiding behind that geeky exterior.

Eliza and her friend, Ava, at the zoo.

Riding the carousel at the zoo. She picked Memaw and Epa's favorite team!

We made our own playdough (off pinterest)...had so much fun. And made a HUGE mess!

Double the trouble...double the fun!

Grabbing toys

Grady and Finn (two besties)

This boy doesn't stand a chance... he WILL play with barbies.

Driving home the other night, Addie and I were impressed with the sunset from behind us. She suggested we take a picture, so I pulled over and did just that! There's beauty even by a Midwestern RR track.

Speaking of beauty...here's a picture of me and my beauties! One of the few I've had taken since G-man was born.

Being a mother is the hardest, most tiring thing I've ever done. However, I wouldn't trade it for a MILLION bucks! I'm grateful for my own mother more than ever. I am only beginning to realize the sacrifices she made for us kids and how devoted was/is.

God definitely knew what He was doing when he designed mamas (and daddy's too)!