Sunday, August 19, 2012

6 month pics

What's NOT new?

I'm having trouble keeping up with life. I wish I could slow things down. I'm crazy busy with the kids, it's hard to find time to do much for myself.

Here are some major changes that need to be recorded:

Addie Sue has glasses! The Optometrist says she has an astigmatism and is Far-sighted. This is harder to catch because she doesn't have to squint to see things far away. Instead, it's hard to read books or see other objects up close. She doesn't seem to be that excited about wearing them. In fact, she's nervous about wearing them to school. I told her that she doesn't have to wear them unless she's doing schoolwork. She might feel self-conscious, but she's stinking adorable, if you ask me! ;)

Addie has also started First grade. Her teacher, Mrs. Lagrasso is new to her school. I'm hoping for a great year. It's a lot quieter at home with her in school, but I miss her too!

My Eliza Ann is potty trained. Well...almost. Poopy trained is a bit of a stretch. But most days she stays dry. I downloaded an app on my phone that she gets to call whether she's had a success or an accident and "Rachel" gives her a pep talk. She says, "I have to call my Rachel!"- only she says "Raaahchel".

These girls are still smitten with their brother. They were all smiles the other night when I took this picture. I seriously LIVE for these moments!

We made a trip to Charming Charlie's before I left for Thirty-One national conference. The girls fell in love with these Tiaras so their Memaw HAD to get them each one.

Grady went with me to Atlanta for a five day Conference. We had a blast and I couldn't have asked him to be any better. He slept, and ate, where ever we went. He was loved on and kissed by many adoring ladies too! Just when I thought my arms would fall off from holding him, someone would offer to get him to sleep for me. We had so much fun! Here I am with two other ladies on my team. I promoted to director this year and got a beautiful leather and black corduroy Cindy tote.

Since turning six months old, Grady has experienced the joy of solid foods! Boy, does he LOVE it! He eats up the amount of food in one setting that it took his sisters three meals to eat!

6 months

 He's six months old already!!! I can hardly believe it!

This boy is nothing but sweetness...seriously. He is mauled by one of us girls (me or his sisters) everyday. See picture below:

 The amount of kisses this boy gets is a bit over the top. But, I would challenge anyone who is with him to refrain from kissing on him. It's impossible!

 This little guy is sitting up very well. LOVES to eat. Smiles a lot. Puts himself to sleep OFTEN. Giggles when you change his diaper. Has discovered his BOY parts. Nurses like a CHAMP. Is just plain LOVEABLE!
 Wearing a hat like his Papa...
This is by far, my favorite age. The bummer is the shots he'll be getting tomorrow. When he got his 4 month shots, he had a fever for 5 days. Let's hope he recovers well.