Thursday, April 29, 2010

6 months and everything leading up to it...

My little sugar lump is 6 MONTHS! Can you believe it? This morning when I told Addie her sister was 6 months, she said, "Oh...then I'm 10!!!!". Micah must have told her when E was 6, A would be 10 and that stuck with her. I tried to explain the difference between months and years (and thought we had it all worked out) but then later that day she exclaimed, "I can't believe I'm 10 already!"

I bragged about how Eliza liked to eat last month, but that has all changed. Evidently, she just thought she was hot stuff because she was eating with a spoon. Once she got over that hurdle, she wants nothing to do with rice cereal. I'll probably start her on some real stuff this week. She does like to bang Cheerios all over the place when in her chair!!!

The dogs also enjoy the rewards that come from her banging...

Addie loves to fix her hair, my hair, Daddy's hair, and yes, Eliza's too! E doesn't seem to mind...for now.

Addie Sue planted some she is showing their tiny sprouts. We have them outside now to see how big they can really get.

We met Aunt Sue and her family at a Kite festival a couple weeks ago. It was a perfect day for kite flying. Breezy and warm!

This month, Eliza started sitting on her own too. She's stable until she looks up, then she's on her back in no time!

Other random photos:

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

5 months & Easter pics

Our little chunker...

5 month pics

She's discovered ceiling fans.

Eliza is feeling much better now...thank Goodness. She's very oral and chewing on everything. She's sitting up with help and pushes her chest off the ground when she's on her tummy.

Eliza Ann is reaching for everything too! She grabs anything she can get her hands on. The other day, I put her in the Bumbo chair on the counter and I heard this loud tear. I looked over and she had leaned over to grab a magazine and tore it in the process.

We just gave her cereal for the first time today. I was going to try and hold off until 6 months, but she just looks so interested in watching us eat. When I fed her, she laughed with delight! She loved it! I didn't think any babies loved rice cereal!

Little Eliza is also grabbing her toes a lot. It's the one thing she's sure to do when you put her on her back.

She still loves diaper changes and LOVES to be talked to.

We went to my folks house for Easter.
Here's Addie in her outfit

and Eliza in hers:

The whole family even managed to get in a shot.

We dyed eggs, had an Easter egg hunt and, of course, went to church.

Addie Sue found every egg in the backyard!

Addie's Easter basket was full of goodies. Eliza's basket was full of teethers!

This girl loves to chew...on EVERYTHING!