Thursday, July 09, 2009

I promised Christine I'd put more pics up of our new house, so here goes:

front of house

back of house

view of the walk in pantry....

Little Miss on the stairs.

My side of the more sharing a tiny pedestal sink!

Guest bedroom

Addie's bedroom...we'll definitely paint. Addie can't decide if she wants purple or pink. She changes her mind every other day.

View from family room.

This will be the baby's room.

view of foyer from top of stairs

A peek into our room.

Full, unfinished walkout basement.

We close on our current house on the 17. Although I've been wanting a bigger, house since the day we moved in, I have to say it's been a lovely little home. We've had wonderful neighbors, a quiet neighborhood, and the house has not been the money pit I suspected it was when we moved in. I think it was actually made during a time when people built things right.

I am, however, sooooo excited to not have to share one bathroom!!!

We plan on closing and moving on July 21st.

I've also included some random pictures of Addie Sue from this morning. She rarely poses for any camera...I'm afraid modeling will not be an option for her unless she discovers a new love for the camera. She was being silly before we headed off to the gym.

Some funny Addieisms:

Addie called my name and I replied, "What baby?" She said, "I'm not your baby, Mommy. Your baby is in your tummy! I'm your daughter!"

She loves to talk in her own language...usually with her father. I think he's the one that instilled her silly sense of humor. She'll just jabber away like she's speaking Chinese or something.

She also loves to play with rhyming words and make up stories.

I don't remember the last time she had to go to timeout. She's been having a good streak, or else I've become too easy on her!

Finally, here's a family picture before Micah and I went out for our 7 year anniversary.