Wednesday, June 01, 2011

PreK Graduation

Addie Sue had her Preschool Graduation from Play to Learn on May 19th. It was really cute. Each class sang a song and then the entire school sang one together. I would have gotten teary-eyed over the whole thing if I weren't so consumed with Eliza! She was up and down, under the pew, in the aisle, wanted dad, wanted mom, wanted Memaw, wanted Epa, and pointing and yelling at Addie on stage. Needless to say, she was a handful.

Here she is with her buddy, Andrew. We used to be neighbors with them at our old house and have managed to keep in touch. They've been friends since they were two...and they've both grown so much!

I love Andrew's mommy, Tara. She's a great friend. I got a picture with her, but we never did get one of the Hunt family together. How sad is that?

Addie with her grandparents:

You know how I told you E is a handful. Well, she helped her self to more refreshments while we were taking pictures. She offered to share no harm done!  :) Yum

We've been playing in the sandbox out back just about everyday. Since it's a big sandbox directly under the deck, I can't really cover it so it's inevitable. Between the dog's fur (it's shedding season) and sand, my floors are always gritty!

I usually end up giving them baths every night or at least spontaneous soakings in the sink before naptime so that the sand doesn't make it in their beds.

 I know some of you with young children still have nappers...but not me. This is what Addie does during her "quiet time":

My girls were headed to the car after church on Sunday and Addie grabbed Eliza's hand to make sure she was safe in the parking lot. Isn't this cute?

If you look closely, you'll see in the picture above that E has no shoes on. She takes them off all the time. Addie, however, puts everyone else's shoes on! She's trying on Memaw's shoes below:

More news to come...
Addie starts summer school on Monday! Oh and Addie is riding her big girl bike without training wheels, but I don't have a picture yet- will do that soon!