Monday, October 20, 2008

A whole lot of nothing

After getting our family pictures, we met up with the Wilsons and the Morgans at the Ren. Fest.

Addie and Sydney don't see each other as much as they should, but they were still pretty chummy.

Here's a great picture I got of Sydney in one of the fairy homes...

Here's Addie Sue with her Aunt Debbie

Some funny stories and facts about Addie:

She loves to read...still... and has many books memorized. In this picture below, she has lined up all her books from the library in a semi-circle and was reading one at a time.

Addie gets gummy vitamins if she doesn't cry when we rinse her hair in the tub and after she gets her PJs on. She eats them slowly with teeny tiny nibbles to savor them. By the time she's done, her fingers are

Addie is starting to skip a nap about once a week. She still has to have quiet time in her room, but she just sings and talks the entire time. I'm trying to wear her out in the mornings to avoid situations like these, but some days she just isn't tired enough! :(

I bought Addie some of those little capsules that grow into funny little monsters once they're placed in warm water. Addie and Daddy are watching one of them grow. I couldn't tell you who was more interested!

When Addie is put in time out, she can now answer why she'd been place there. She's very articulate (for a two year old). For example, today I had to put her in time out...when I asked her why she was in time out, she said, "because I throwed the markers and I not going to throw them anymore. I love you. Hug." And off she runs to pick them up.

We had a chance to get together with Sue and Kevin this weekend.

Kalani is too cute for words.

He and Lucas had some tummy time together.

Kalani is a bit puzzled by the big hairy beast laying beside him!!!

Micah got a little bit of Kalani holding time too!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Family photos

We got our family photos taken on Saturday morning. Here's the link:

Tell me what you think b/c I'm highly critical of any pictures of myself and am incapable of being objective.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Addie and her boyfriends

Not that kind of "boyfriend"...just boys that are friends! She's only 2, you know!

We went to Music with Mar today and met Addie's friend, Kaden. Usually, when we go, it's really crowded and Addie sticks pretty close to my side. Today, most of the three/four year olds were in preschool and Addie and Kaden were go-getters. The class was made of only 5-7 families instead of the usual 15-20...we had a blast.

Here are Addie and Kaden dancing during the "Best Baby in the World" song:

Addie loves the Widemouthed Bullfrog story/song. Here, she and Kaden moved up to get a closer look:

Addie is really good friends with our neighbor boy, Andrew, too! They are so funny together! They seriously have conversations just like little people. One day, I overheard them talking. It went something like this:

Andrew: "You want to go my house?" (pointing to his home)

Addie: "That's not your house!!! That's Margaret's house!" (pointing to Margaret's)

Andrew: "I know."

Addie: "I know."

Not much of a point to it, but it was funny to hear them having their own agenda to talk about instead of just chasing each other and trying to outrun their mommy's.

We have wonderful neighbors, but most of them are all elderly and have been there since the homes were first built. I'm so happy to have a neighbor that is my age with a child Addie's age. We've really enjoyed getting acquainted.

Last night we went to Chuckie Cheese's with them. It was our first time to go--and we actually liked the pizza!

Addie and Andrew had so much fun riding the rollercoaster ride together.

We got a family photo sketched for us by Chuckie himself!!! Check it out: