Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Everything Addie

You know how sometimes things in life seem to be just wonderful, like you've been blessed beyond measure? I'm at that point right now. Sure, there are things I would like different in my life, but all-in-all, I'm feeling on top of the world. The pessimistic side of me is telling me to look out, b/c something bad is going to come my way. I'm sure it will, but I trust God more. I'm not at all worried about the future.

One thing I can't believe is that I get to play and love and teach this beautiful little person everyday.

I have good news too! I've accepted a position with the Blue Springs School District working part time in their Parents as Teachers Program. I'm really excited about being a parent educator and making a little extra cash on the side. Micah and I have some school loans from our Master's degrees that need to be kicked to the curb so my salary will be perfect to do that. Since it's flexible, I'll only have to get someone to watch Addie two days a week. See Mom, aren't you glad that I'm obsessive about reading material on babies and toddlers? Now I can put all that information to good use! lol

Here's Addie with her handkerchief hat on. She only leaves it on for about 10 seconds, so I had to distract her while Micah took a photo.

Addie is such a multi-tasker. She can wear an oven mitt and drive her car all at the same time. I love this picture b/c I actually got a shot of her beautiful face. She's so darn quick, we rarely get a good shot of her.

We've filled the end table with toys that Addie can play with and she has discovered how fun it can be to get in it herself. She was scared after the first time she did it, so Daddy is helping her in this picture.

Cool story:
The other day, Addison said "uh-oh" and grabbed her diaper. Then she said "pooh". I went to check her and, sure enough, she needed a diaper change. It happened to a lesser degree later that day. She just said "uh-oh" and grabbed her diaper. She's been going to other rooms to go poop and sometimes shutting the door for privacy, so maybe potty training will be coming sooner than expected. I'm really not going to push her though, b/c she's still young (16 months) and I don't want her to feel pressured to do something she's not ready to do. I'm not sure I'm ready for it either!

That's our highlights for the week. Hope you're having a blessed day!

Monday, June 18, 2007

We're not in Kansas Anymore!


Toby as the "lion"

Caleb as the "Tin Man"

And Addie Sue as "Dorthy"

We all went to the Carousel in the Park when we visited Mom and Dad in Topeka last week.

My brother-in-law, Ken, had a blast. Can't you tell? lol

Me and Addie Sue. She was pretty serious when the carousel was going. Not a lot of smiling, but she still wanted to ride after it was over. Since grandparents can't pass up a chance to see happy grandkids, she got to ride 3 times!

Playing with tractor at Memaw and Epa's house.

We've had a busy week. There have been some good and some bad moments.
I'll start with the bad and end with the good.

First, Addie came down with a virus on Wednesday that caused her to throw up three times in the middle of the night...after we'd change her sheets and her pjs of course. We felt terrible for her. She had some funky diapers too, but other than that, she was fine the next day.

On Friday, we had a scare. She climbed up on a chair at my friends house and I reminded her to sit. As she was turning around in the chair, she missed her step and fell. I thought we were in the clear b/c she landed flat on her bottom. Sadlyy, she had her tongue sticking out b/c she bit it....HARD. There was so much blood, I didn't know what to do. I saw a big gash in the middle her tongue, but I couldn't get a good look at it. My friend, Dana, is such a life saver. I just about fainted from all the blood, so she managed to take care of me and soothe Addie when I was all pale and sprawled out on the floor. In hindsight, it's kind of funny to think about, but it was horrible at the time. We ended up taking her to the doctor to make sure that she didn't need stitches. The tongue was cut perfectly in a 1/4" line and there were two flaps dangling about...and still the doctor said it would be fine by the end of the weekend. And....she was right. Addie seems to be doing well now, despite having a huge "boo-boo" on her tongue.

ON a better note:

On Father's Day, Mom and Dad came over to visit and we went out for Bar-B-Que. Then, Addie got a chance to run through the sprinkler. It was a great day.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wonderful Weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend since we had a special visit from my sister and her family! They flew in to surprise Mom and Dad and we all went to the New Theatre Dinner theatre. Joyce and I made them a scrapbook to celebrate their 40th anniversary and they loved it! We spent Saturday celebrating Toby's first birthday too (it's really on June 27). He ate cake like I have NEVER seen a baby eat. He screamed anytime someone tried to take it away. Very funny!

The three couples at the dinner theatre. We saw Busy Body with Jaime Farr in it. The only thing that could have made the night better was if we had Lafe and Wendy with us (my brother and sister-in-law in Australia-We missed you guys).

Joyce and Ken

Micah and Me (Beth)

Happy Fortieth Anniversary Mom and Dad (Don't they look great!?)

Toby eating some pizza at his party.

Toby mauling his cake.

Would you like some?

Addie was obsessed with eating ice. I think it must feel good on her gums.

Bathtime! Addie and Toby took a bath together, but Addie was way overtired so Tobytoa spent most of his bathtime solo.

Toby, Caleb, and Addison went on a walk in Addie's wagon.

We just loved spending time with everyone this weekend. It was so needed. It's really hard living from your siblings and their kids. We don't get to know them on a day-to-day basis so we just try to squeeze in as much as we can when we are together. The last time I've seen my brother and his family was when I was just barely pregnant with Addie (2 years this month)! I hope I get to see them again someday soon.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

T- Town

This will be short because I can hear Addie stirring in her bed...Sorry. I'll post early next week.

We went to Topeka one day last week to pick the dogs up and see Memaw and Epa. While we were there, we went to Gage park and played. We even rode the train.

Addie is really into climbing. I don't know how many times I have walked out of the room for less than a minute and come back in to see this:

Evidently, someone said something really funny at dinner. You can kind of see her two front teeth.