Friday, July 25, 2008


We had to take our lovely girl to the ER last night around 8 PM. We were all getting ready to go for a walk when Addie grabbed on to Kaylee's leash without me knowing it.
All I heard was a thump & when I looked up I saw Addie face down on the concrete, still holding on to Kaylee's leash. I guess Kaylee started walking and pulled Addie forward. Luckily, she didn't keep walking and drag her on the ground.
Addie cried hard, instantly & I was soooooooo sad. These things happen so quickly. All she wanted was to be held. We decided to give her some medicine to help with the swelling and she was cooperative with letting us put on ice pack on her head.

We decided to let her watch her favorite movie, Madagascar, and veg. out. It wasn't long before she konked out in my arms. I have to admit, I loved holding her. I don't remember the last time I got to hold her while she was asleep. The next thing I knew, she woke up and started vomiting. Micah quickly mentioned that she might have a concussion. We called Children's Mercy and they said if she vomited again to take her to the ER.
To make a long story short...she ended up vomiting FIVE times before the night was through. The hospital did a cat scan and everything came out normal. They gave us some meds to help her stop puking and we took her home and got her in bed around midnight. She was such a trooper the entire night and she seemed to steal the hearts of many of the workers. She was saying thank you and goodbye to everyone as we left.

Micah slept in her room last night so that he could wake her every two hours and make sure she was okay. He said he slept terrible because "Addie is such a stinker and moves around constantly". He said she talks in her sleep too!!!

We're so glad our baby is we just have to pray for a small hospital bill! Anyone know how much Cat scans cost? YIKES!

A trip to the Zoo

We went to the zoo on Tuesday and met Cory, Beth, & Rowan there. Micah had the day off and he hadn't ever been to the zoo with Addie before. It was soooo hot, but Mother Nature actually gave us a break and sent a lovely drizzling rain about noon time for some relief.

We got a close up of the chimps. Their favorite spot seemed to be right in front of the windows...which made for an awesome view. Here, Rowan and the chimp put their feet up together on opposite sides of the glass window.

Here's a great shot of the elephants from a far.

We got to see elephants do their "tricks"

Addie Sue walking by herself

Addie and Rowan walking along the path together.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Til Death do us Part

This weekend, Lauren (our niece) got married to her beau, Larry. We got to spend time with our family from Ohio and California. Angela and her family stayed with us so we got to know each other really well. They all left this morning & we already miss them.

Addie and Gavin dancing the night away

The bride sang to her was very lovely. They both seem very happy!!! Rowan was the prettiest little flower girl!

Addie managed to get achold of a chocolate covered marshmallow.

The Ohio Hunts (minus Travis, Elsie, & the boys)

The whole crew of kiddos (minus Sydney and Brody)
Hayley, Gavin, Addie, Felicia, Rowan, Christian, Katelyn, & Tylar

Felicia reading to Addie Sue before bedtime

Hayley and Lucas cuddling

Felicia and Hayley walking with Addie at the Temple

Addie and Rowan reading with Uncle Cory

Rowan and Addie on the carousel at the mall

Addie made me late to the rehearsal for the wedding because she decided to paint her nails without any help. She woke up from her nap, and instead of calling out to us to come get her, she pulled a bag off the hook beside her bed and proceeded to paint...only instead of just her nails...she painted EVERYTHING! As a result of this escapade, we now have a ruined wood floor, kitchen table, crib, bathtub, sheet, bumperpad, shirt, panties, & shorts and two towels! Micah ran to CVS to get some more nail polish remover and he and Angela went to town on her skin. Meanwhile I had to leave to practice my song at the rehearsal. It was quite a fiasco...but funny in hindsight.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Hunt Look-alike Meter

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Family Reunion

We had the first annual Tilbury Reunion last weekend in Chicago where my Aunt Jan & Uncle Bob live. I don't think we've ever all been together in the same city but it's been since my Grammy died ten years ago that I've really seen much of my mom's family. We had all these cousins & their kids that we've never even met. What's amazing to me is just how spread out we are. Just from our family we saw this weekend, we had folks from Florida, Tennessee, Washington DC, Washington (the state), Chicago, Missouri, Kansas, & North Carolina!!! That doesn't include the cousins that live in Australia, Colorado, & Texas! We ended up having a wonderful time and are looking forward to a reunion in 2010.

Meet the Tilbury Clan:

The Tilbury kids from Bendena, Kansas: Kathy, Bob, Sharon (aka: mom), Larry

The Tilbury siblings with their spouses: Dean & Kathy, Bob & Jan, Diane & Larry, Sharon & Earl (my folks)

Proof---that Toby & Addie Sue do get along...sometimes!

Some of us cousins...there are actually 10 in all, so only half of us could come. I can't imagine how crazy it will be someday if we all can all get together. (Karen, Kevin, Joyce, Luke, Me)

The great-grandchildren! Grammy only got to meet Anna out of all the kiddos in this picture! But, certainly, she's fond of them all and enjoys watching them from above.
Ben, Toby, Addie, Caleb, Colby, Anna, & Peyton.

Our folks all volunteered to watch the kids for us so that we could go into Chicago for the day. We had a great time...and got a lot of blisters!!!

The view of Michigan Lake from the Hancock Tower

Micah...showing off his Caucasian buns

Karen, me, Ken, & Joyce eating Rainbow Cones---very delicious!

Micah and me on top of the Hancock building

A cool piece of artwork. It's a huge bean that allows you to see the city skyline!!

Addie with Memaw and Epa reading books before bed. She was such a trooper. She didn't get to bed until 10:00 many nights but she did great at getting to sleep and taking her naps anyway!

Most of us at a pub in Naperville, IL. I'm excited to see everyone again next time!