Monday, December 14, 2009

6 Weeks

Little Miss Eliza is six weeks old and starting to pack on the pounds. She's still got those adorable chubby, we all love them. Even Addie can't stop kissing her!

Mom and I did our annual Christmas baking (on a smaller scale) and Addie got to make some Gingerbread houses...

We had a celebration for Eliza's birth that Sue organized...

It was so thoughtful and wonderful of her to do, considering she just defended her dissertation 2 weeks ago and is getting ready to graduate! Yeah Dr. Brown!

Eliza is on reflux medication (as was Addie). We've noticed a difference in the way she behaves when she's on it. She nurses much better and is less fussy in the evenings. Unfortunately, the medicine is $56 a month. But, who can put a price on your child's happiness and health? We took her off of it last Thursday to see if it really was the medication that was improving her disposition and by Saturday, we were ready to resume her dosage. She's completely different when she gets her Axid!

Hanging out in her swing

Here she is, chilling, during dinner one night.

Later, she sacked out while I talked on the phone.

I have to tell you that I have the best doggies ever. They are soooo deprived of their daily walk and yet, they are still so sweet and lovely.

Lucas wants to play so badly.

We've had a ton of Addieisms lately, but hardly remember to share them. A couple cute ones I happen to remember:

  • Addie told Memaw and Epa to enjoy their "smudge"or fudge as you might know it.

  • Micah was passing McDonald's and Addie kept telling him she wanted to go eat there...over and over. He told her that if she mentioned MD to him one more time, she would have to sit in timeout when they got home. She was quiet for a while, then said, "Daddy, I want to go to....(long pause while she thinks) Chicken nuggets. I want to eat chicken nuggets!" She didn't say McDonald's!

Addie got a new helmet for her bike with a bell. She rides it in circles in the basement.

Addie also loves to dress herself. Here is one of her outfits...quite original.

Here's Addie in her pretty Christmas dress that Memaw got her.

Aunt Debbie stopped by to see us one afternoon after work. The girls love their aunt!!!

The girls "daddy sitting"

Eliza has turned out to be a great baby so far (not to say we haven't had some rough nights!!!) Although she still prefers to be held, she's much easier to read than Addie Sue was as an infant. When she cries, she usually needs to burp, sleep, eat, or be changed. And--- the great milestone she's hit is SMILING! I haven't gotten a picture of it yet, but boy, does her smile make life wonderful! Hopefully, I'll get a picture to post soon!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Eliza's One Month

Eliza Ann at one to 3B (Big Black Bear)

Eliza is a little doll...seems to be happy a lot of the time and her eyes are still HUGE, taking everything in! She still prefers to be held and knows instinctively when she has been laid down.

Nights have been better. She has been sleeping about 3 hour stretches (instead of two). In fact, on Thanksgiving night, she slept from about 10 pm to 4 am. I didn't, however; I was too busy checking on her from about 2am to 4am!

We spent Thanksgiving in Topeka with my folks. My mom made a fantastic meal and we over ate just like most of the American population probably did.

Little Addie Sue in a new play dress!

I tricked Eliza into thinking she was being held. She stayed like this for about an hour.

My church held a Sip N See for Eliza and I. It's a tradition where all the ladies come and drink tea while they get a peek at the newest baby. It was lovely and we felt very special.

These are the wonderful gals who planned the shindig: Tiffany, Kirsten & Romy!

They even had a cake made that matches Eliza's room!

Eliza and her Epa snuggling on the couch

Just like her sister, Eliza loves to have her diaper changed. Sometimes when she's fussy, Micah puts her on the changing table just so that she relaxes for a while.

Discovering her hand

Thanksgiving was a beautiful day. We hung outside with Epa and raked some leaves. Addison got to go for a ride in the wheelbarrow. I loved doing that when I was a kid!

We helped put up Memaw and Epa's tree too! Addie found another use for the angel!

Memaw has the best dress up clothes at her house. We didn't even dress the girl the whole time we were there b/c all she did was change into princess dresses all day!

Addie loves to play with her Little People Nativity Sets.

My sleeping chubby cheeked baby

Look who drinking from a bottle!!!

I kiss this baby all day...can't help it!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I have more pics from Eliza's first week of life that I forgot to post last week.

Her cord fell off by the 5th day of her life (vs. 2 weeks for Addie). She had a bath pretty early on. Luckily, she seems to like it and it soothes her. The key to a happy bath--- that we didn't know with Addie's first bath--- is the water must be warm enough and washcloths should be used to cover the exposed belly and legs. Binkies help too! :)

Eliza seems to have great head control too! She already holds her head up a majority of the time she's awake.

Here she is lifting her head off ground.

Memaw and Eliza (I didn't get any of my dad or Micah's folks with her- don't know that I was thinking straight that first week!)

Memaw made cookies with Addie while she was visiting the first week after Eliza's birth too. Addie mostly ate the batter.

Memaw also made her this dress-------which she LOVES. She wears it everyday- along with 8 other outfits (I'm seriously ready for the clothing "phase" to be over).

Eliza does not like to be swaddled or placed on her back. But, I did manage to get her to sleep one time....for about 15 minutes like this:

Here's the way she prefers to sleep:

Eliza and 3B ( Big Black Bear) @ two weeks old

Eliza by herself- see what I mean about head control?

Lucas...wishing he could return to the good ol' days, before the kiddos came and messed up his walking routine...

Addie had her first "real" dentist appointment yesterday. It was insane. Why did I think I could handle both kids at an appointment by myself? I thought I'd get an infant to would sleep in her carseat while we got our teeth cleaned... that's why!!! Not a chance!

I ended up having to have the office manager hold her for me while I got my teeth cleaned so that we didn't have to hear her sad, sad cry the entire time.

Addie was perfect. Her teeth were squeaky clean. No cavities! Yeah!

Our niece and her hubby took Addie to the circus on Saturday. Addie had a great time. We took a picture of the Micah and the girls before she left. Addie adores her sister. Can you tell? Eliza doesn't seem to be so sure of her feelings just yet.

Finally, I have to give a should out to Da, who has helped me reclaim so freedom. I went and bought a MOBY wrap and Eliza LOVES it. She konks out as soon as she's situated in it!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well... We've survived the first two weeks. Eliza is a sweet baby and generally very calm. The one word EVERYONE consistantly comments about her is that she is "alert". The doctor, my colleagues, neighbors, friends...

I hope that's not a code word for saying she's a "handful"...which she is...literally. Eliza does not like to be put down. She stays awake for HOURS unless she's held. Then, she'll doze off happily. At the suggestion of my friend Da, I'm going out today to get a MOby wrap and see if I find a bit more freedom with baby wearing. Even now, as I'm typing this, I have a baby in my arms. Which is lovely and a pain at the same time (if that makes sense).

We went to the doctor for her two week visit this week (She turned 2 weeks old yesterday). She's 8 lbs, 12 oz and still only 20 inches long. So, she's gained back a few more pounds and gotten a bit chubbier. She loves to nurse and has never turned down the opportunity for more milk. I found out in these past two weeks, that Eliza much rather prefers to sleep on her tummy than on her back. I know it's a rule-breaker, but tell that to the mom who doesn't get more than 15 min. of sleep from her infant at a time. You do what you least with the second child. The first child, I placed on her back everytime and had to deal with a lot more screaming!

Here are some cute pictures we've gotten of the girls these 2 weeks:

Trying to eat her hand.

Too cute

Proud big sister. Addie loves to hold Eliza and give her kisses. She's really great about asking first too.

Addie has her own camera now and she's enjoyed taking some self- portraits.

Eliza Ann hanging out...not sleeping, of course.

Addie's favorite pastimes have been painting her nails, putting on lip gloss, coloring, and doing her hair. I couldn't tell you where half her barrettes and hair ties are b/c they are in and out of her hair 14 times a day! She'd love to get ahold of her sister's hair!