Thursday, January 31, 2013

G turns One YEAR Old!!!

Grady turned ONE on Sunday. (sniffle, sniffle)

Our little boy is such a joy! Oh, how we love him!

We celebrated with just a small family party on Sunday. Grady didn't really give us a big show when eating his cake. He ate an entire piece of pizza and a pear, so I don't think he was hungry.

Micah and the girls tried to show him how to snarf down cake with no hands, but he wasn't impressed. So the cake eating was a bit of a let down.

Ice cream was a different story, however. He was happy to eat up a bowl of vanilla bean ice cream in no time!

Grady opened his presents and has enjoyed most of them. 

I think the balloons were his favorite, however! They are always a hit with kids!

Little G is a bit more laid back than his sisters were at his age. But, I can't say that I mind. I'm soaking up his milestones as I know how quickly I will forget them!

One year milestones:

  • crawls and cruises
  • takes one to two steps and stands alone.
  • loves to dance to music/singing
  • does a traditional crawl unless something is in his hand, then he has a funky lopsided crawl
  • says dada, hi and "uh-oh"
  • plays with the dog dish water every chance he can get
  • Loves baths and comes crawling when tub turns on
  • does not typically sleep through the night anymore, but surprises mommy from time to time with a full night of sleep
  • has started drinking cow's milk without a fuss
  • still nurses three to four times a day
  • NO TEETH...yet
  • loves to "walk" while hands are held
  • climbs stairs well
  • Rarely complains...he's a "go with the flow" kinda guy!
My lil newborn...

My lil toddler...

Why did it have to go so quickly?! 

Friday, January 18, 2013


Weird. Now Blogger is letting me add photos. I guess I'll keep this blog going as long as I can and if they cut me off, I'll move to the other one I created. 

It's been three months since my last post. So I have a lot to catch up on. Too much, in fact.

I'll bombard you with prepare yourself!

Addie lost her first tooth...


Grady turns one next week and still hasn't got any!
Mr. G is so close to walking. He takes steps but still crawls as his main mode of transportation!

Micah's folks came out to visit for two weeks. Here's a pic of Grady and Papa.

What young'n doesn't get into cabinets from time to time?

The girls have it made. They manage to get Grady to push them around the house!
 Mr. Dare Devil...

The kids love our new iPad. We have to wait until they are asleep to fight each other for it. :)

Addie had to sleep in our room while we had company. When we come to bed, we move her to the floor on her sleeping bag. One night, we came to bed and found her like this. Her arm was rigid in the air!

Eliza Ann finally has a handle on pooping in toilet. It's been hard to convince her that it's much easier. As a reward for her consistency, she's been enrolled in dance class. This is something she's been talking about doing for 3 months. She's over the moon about it. I loved watching her in class. She might be a natural. And Miss Tiffany thought she was hilarious---- very outgoing!

One of my goals for last year was to organize the pantry. I didn't get as many house goals done as I had hoped, so I made sure this was done before the end of the year. It has to be done every year anyway, but this year, I used Thirty-One bags!

Speaking of Thirty-One, I promoted my first Director this year!!! One more & I will promote to Senior Director. I'm hoping to earn a trip this fall as well! Micah and I haven't been on a vacation together since we were married. It's way over due!

Family pictures

blog change

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