Monday, March 22, 2010


We managed to stay pretty healthy all winter...until last week. Poor Eliza ended up with an ear infection and a really bad cough. Her sleep has been terrible. The doc put her on breathing treatments to help her lungs clear up. Evidently, she ended up with an infection and her breathing was "tight" as the doc described.

She's doing much better now. Sleep is better, but not like it was. She still wakes up about every 5 hours instead of sleeping straight through the night.

Addie is still as busy as ever! She and Daddy play their silly games and she frequently asks for "whoopins" from daddy...they're obviously so terrible! :)

Eliza has moved on the megasaucer...a whole new world.

She doesn't enjoy the Bumbo as much now b/c her thighs are too fat to fit comfortably in them.

My dad carried Eliza in the Bjorn on a walk last week.

Her royal highness...

Addie took this picture of the rose Daddy got her one day after he came home from work.

Happy baby

Wears bows and pony tails now.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

4 Months & pretty little ballerina

Eliza Ann is four months old! This is really hard for me to believe. She's growing up too fast.

Eliza had her four month check up on Tuesday.
She's in the 90%tile for weight @ 16 lbs 2 oz.
She's in the 80%tile for height @ 25 3/4" long.

Little Eliza is rolling from side to side, but not quite all the way from back to tummy. She sits well with support, loves to eat her fingers and bats at toys with ease. She still loves bath time, loves to go for walks in the Bjorn, and sleeps well in her own crib. We are done with swaddling too!

In the past, I've heard people make comments that they would love to have a lot of kids. I've always wondered how could they want that much work! But after mothering Miss Eliza, I totally "get it". She's got her fussy moments, but they're not unlike other babies. She is a delight...most of the time and I adore her more than she will ever know.

Addie Sue had her 4 year check up. She's in the 60%tile for height @ 39 1/2" and 30%tile for weight @ 32 lbs.

Eliza is doing much better in her carseat these days. She even falls asleep sometimes!!!

Twirling her hair is a new pastime. She loves to feel it especially when she is nursing.

Sisters...sigh...I hope they are the best of friends!

Addie just finished a six week ballerina class through the Blue Springs Community Center. She LOVED it. I think it would be good to enroll her in something on a reg. basis. We got to watch the last class and the instructor had to say Addie's name A LOT. Preschool will be good for her next year too!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Addie's FOUR!

It's hard to believe that Addie Sue is now four years old! She's such a sassy & smart little girl. She never ceases to make me laugh...

Hence, the following two pictures!

A is quite a movie watcher. She shuts everyone out when the TV turns on. This winter has been so long, and she's seen A LOT of TV. I'm so ready for the spring and playing outside!

Addie enjoys listening to music on her MP3 player, but she can't ever get the earbuds to stay in. Daddy came up with a clever idea...put a hat on her head and they stay in!

We had a small birthday party for her with about 5 friends.

Addie is really into the Little Einsteins right now. She loves to watch their shows, so we had a small "Einstein Party".

Her cake was Rocket!

Opening presents

The dining room all decorated and ready for the fun to begin!

Can't leave little Eliza out! She's as lovely as ever. She's cracking up at Addie in this picture!