Thursday, March 29, 2012

Two Months

Grady is two months old. 
We've developed a new kind of normal around here. Meanwhile, this little cuddlebug is growing too fast. 

Grady had his first bottle last week and he's not picky. We found out he does not discriminate between breast or bottle. He doesn't protest one bit! Micah and I were able to catch a movie last Friday night (The Hunger Games) and my folks took care of all three kiddos for a few hours!

Our little guy got his shots on Tuesday (his exact two month bday). 
Here are his stats:
13 lbs 2 oz - 84%tile
24 1/2 inches- 94%tile

Doc says he's rather long. I compared his growth to his sisters' at this point and he is bigger. 
Addie @ 2 months: 11 lbs 2 oz & 22 inches
Eliza @ 2 months: 12 lbs 9 oz & 22 inches

Grady received 3 shots. The first one made his face crumple. The second shot, he started complaining. The third shot, he lost it...screamed and squealed like a Banshee! Even the nurse was surprised at the high-pitched squeal he put out. I wasn't. He can wail something awful when we are in the car. It's torturous. 

Here's a picture of him with his new bestie, Finn. My friend Da brought over her kiddos yesterday for a playdate and we introduced the two boys. Finn was born 5 weeks earlier than Grady, but was due a few weeks after him. As you can see, Finn likes to eat too. The two of them are about the same size!

Today, as I was driving home from Costco, I kept hearing a clicking sound in the backseat. I looked back and discovered that Grady was playing with the carseat toy that dangles from his carrier. He's usually I was thrilled that it was quiet. But, I also enjoyed witnessing this first milestone: batting at toys. 

I tell you what...this boy is heaven. I love him so much and am eternally grateful to GOD for granting our family a sweetie pie like him. 

Swagger wagon

Well...I told you I would blog about it when I got my minivan! Here it is:

We splurged a bit on the accessories...but the car is a 2006, so it was still in our price range. I love driving it...but would love it even more without a screaming infant in the backseat. Someday, it will happen. Now our whole family can fit comfortably with a dog inside and whole trunk of groceries too!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

I stink...

G-man and I are hanging out together this afternoon, so I decided I better post something quickly on our blog. Haven't done so in a long time. It's not like there isn't a ton of stuff going on around here...

I'll give you a brief synopsis of the Hunt house right now:

Concerning Kaylee: I still tear up when I think about her, but each day is getting better. Tomorrow will be the 9th anniversary that we got her. I miss her so.

Lucas:  He's still trying to figure out what happened to his best friend. Sometimes, I find him laying on her bed in the basement. He still doesn't know what to do with all the food on the floor (K always got to it first). He's begun howling at night too...very strange. I will say that walks are much easier with just Luke. He is a perfect walker (it is his middle name after all!). I'm sure he misses her, but I don't think he's miserable...just a bit lonely.

 Addison: She's the BEST big sister. She talks in that high-pitched voice and makes Grady smile. She loves me to wake her up for school with him in tow. She wants him to lay in bed with her while I pick her clothes out for the day and open her blinds.

Eliza: Oh dear, Eliza. Such a sweetie...such a handful. The emotions I have when I'm with her are extreme. One moment, I want to eat her up and the next, I feel like spanking her. She's two...what more can I say? Some of the cute Elizaisms of late are:

  • "I want to hello them." (I want to say hello to them) 
  • "He drinking my milk." (baby doll is positioned at her belly button)
  • The famous and over used..."I want to hold you."
  • "This hard me." (This is hard for me)
The list could go on and on. I love her little toddler phrases.

Grady: JOY...oh JOY. My boy truly is a joy. He's getting all those fat rolls and smiling more and more. I'm only feeding him once or twice at night now so napping is no longer a necessity for me. As far as Hunt babies go, Grady is definitely the most laid back. 

Micah: Can't leave my husband out...although he's not changing as quickly as the kids, he ensures that there is never a dull moment. Recently, he convinced me that I should get an iphone. I ended up conceding last Saturday and I have to agree with him. I LOVE it. It's making my life so much easier and entertaining. We talk more often, text each other, and play "Words with Friends" together. 

Me: I've been waiting for this moment for years. I've dreamed of it, longed to experience it. Now that day has come...we're getting a MINIVAN!!! Woohoo! I'm one happy mama! We're still looking for the right one at the right price, but I'll be sure to do a post about it when it debuts...