Thursday, March 17, 2011

To my five followers...

Dear faithful blog followers, (that's you, Mom & Carrie)
I'm sorry I haven't posted much lately. It's not as if I've been more busy than usual. I've just had trouble sitting down and writing all the crazy stuff that happens on a daily basis around here. I'm sure you're tired of checking my site and seeing the same headline from last month. If I had posted every week, here are some of the things I would have said:

  • We went to see Dave Ramsey and had a great time! It was good to be motivated again.
  • We sold my Honda Civic. We put it up for sale on Sunday afternoon and had several people interested in the first two hours. We ended up selling it Monday night and paid off our Student Loan Debt on Tuesday! Yay!!! We are finally done with Sallie Mae!
  • We've been redoing the bathroom. I'll post pictures when we're done. I've painted the cabinets and they look really good!
  • Eliza is saying all kinds of cute words. She does a lot of imitating too!
  • My "baby" isn't a baby anymore. Last week, she quit nursing. She kept biting me and when I'd say "no" she'd throw herself back and scream and kick. Now, she won't even try. She's done. I'm a bit sad; probably because it wasn't on my terms. I thought, for sure, with how cuddly she is, that I'd get lots more nursing times with her. But- alas, not the case. I sure will miss the sweet tenderness and precious moments together. I'm not a huge La Leche League person, but personally, I loved nursing, and I wanted to nurse her for as long as I nursed Addie (20 months). So if she complains later that I didn't nurse her as long as her sister, I'll kindly tell her, "IT'S YOUR FAULT!"
  • I'm keeping busy with Thirty-one Gifts. I have eight parties booked this month! Check out my website if you're interested:
  • Addie's prayers are sweeter than ever. She remembers to mention other people and pray for their needs which is so sweet to hear.
  • We started off our spring break with inches of snow. Lucas was the only one who didn't mind.

Today is my sweet Kaylee's birthday. We got her eight years ago today. We think she's 11 or 12 now. She's the most pure hearted and sweet soul you'll ever meet. I wish I was half the person that Kaylee thinks I am. Right now, she's laying next to me on the floor while I type. Her snore resonating off all the walls. Such a sweet sound...except when I'm trying to sleep at night.

Anyway, we plan to take her to PETCO to pick out a yummy treat and possibly take Lucas and her to the dog park later on today. It's not so easy to get around with both dogs and the kids, so I might wait until Micah gets home. Although, he's sure to think I'm nuts with celebrating the dog's birthday!

I'm glad you checked in with us. Hopefully, I won't leave you hanging for so long next time!
Beth Ellen