Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ode to Eliza!

Happy Birthday my sweet little bean! You have grown so much! How I've loved holding you, rocking you, nursing you. Now, you are my busy toddler; walking all over the place. You have no time for kisses and zerberts...well, maybe, zerberts. :)

 You are two weeks old here:

You are one year old in this picture:

You've been a delight so far...and the fun is only now beginning!

You love:
  • your sister
  • the dogs
  • bathtime
  • walks
  • music
  • climbing on the dishwasher door
  • tearing up paper
  • climbing the stairs
  • playing peekaboo
  • feeding the dogs (from your highchair)
You hate:

  • carseats
  • getting your nose wiped
  • diaper changes
  • being told "no"
  • baby food

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1/2 Marathon

Amy (Wiltse), Vadsana, and Me (all Hanthorne girls)

I ran my first half marathon on Saturday. I was pleased with my time, especially since my knee had been giving me trouble. My time was 2:10:43 which averaged just under a 10 minute mile. I ran it with Vadsana Smith...and I pretended to be Supavan b/c she couldn't run this month (hence- the name on my bib). It worked out well for all of us! Someday, I'd like to run with my dad. I get the feeling that I would have trouble keeping up with him, but it would be fun to run with someone so experienced.

The bad news is that my knees are both hurting now. I think I "babied" my left knee and ended up hurting my right one. The good news is that I'm married to a PT and he's healing me up real nice! :)

While I was running, Micah's hood on his car flew up and hit his windshield on the way to his work! He's getting it repaired now. Murphy's Law is a pretty common phenomenon around here lately...

Eliza turns one next week. I can't believe it! She's changed so much. We're doing an Owl theme...which is perfect because E's eyes are huge...just like an owl's!

Daddy reading to his girls before bed

 Addie Sue is an incredible little girl. In Sunday school, the kiddos are learning the books of the bible. I'm learning them with her. So far, she knows 10 of them. I found this paper the other day on her craft table. She copied the words! Maybe she'll be a teacher's dream!

Spaghetti anyone? Eliza liked her first helping of pasta last weekend!

Eliza is walking all over the place now. Of course, she's falling just as much too! She did a face plant yesterday TWICE right into the concrete! Poor baby!

We went to the Pumpkin Patch yesterday.
The Hunt family

Here's all the kiddos we met up with our PTA.

She found the one!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Fall Happenings...

 We went to a safety night and Addie got to climb all over the fire truck. I think Micah was just as interested in the truck as she was.
Eliza didn't seem to know what to think of the big truck...either that or she's afraid Addie is going to drop her!

Addie is doing great at riding on a bike while we walk around the neighborhood. She seems to be pretty athletic. I wish we could enroll in her activities...but I just try to remind myself that she will have opportunities in school and there's no need to push. We have her enrolled in a community dance class right now. I'd love to put her in an ongoing class, but it's too expensive right now. Especially since I've lost my PAT gig!

While we were out playing one night, our neighbor told us that the moon was a Harvest moon (She heard about it on TV). Evidently, this orange reflection only happens every 20 I snapped a picture of it.
 Addie got to hold her cousin Lily one day last week. She loved her and kissed her! Lily is the sweetest little baby!

Addie and Daddy are pointing to food that Eliza flung from her chair. Micah measured the distance at 8 feet!

Seriously, how's the dog supposed to get that one?

Here's Eliza's 11 month baby shot. I'll showcase them all next month when she is ONE! YIKES! How did the time slip through my fingers? I'm busy preparing for her bday party right owl theme!

Ma and Pa took Addie to the Annual Blue Spring Princess Party on Saturday while M and I went to my 10 year college reunion. Where were all my friends at this year? Gland was like a ghost town!!! It was a bit sad, but I did enjoy seeing the campus and all the improvements that have been made to the buildings.

Here's Princess Addie:

 Finally, Eliza played with an ice cube this morning. I clicked at some cute poses she was in while she tried to reign in the slippery sucker.

 How's this for problem solving?
 So sad that she can't get it... is good again!