Sunday, June 22, 2008

This one's for DADDY!

Micah is in Ohio for a conference and has been gone the entire weekend. We've kept busy with Memaw and Epa but we still missed daddy!

Here she is before church this morning. Just as expected, the piggy tails were out when we picked her up in the nursery afterwards.

Addie decided to write on mommy and herself this evening in the bathtub.

I think I know why they call this phase "the terrible twos". Addie has been doing everything exactly opposite of what I ask. If I ask her to hand me her cup, she throws it. If I ask her to stay in our yard, she runs onto the neighbor's porch. It's been quite a challenge trying to be stern with her and let her know that it's not a game to disobey mommy. Meanwhile, she is laughing the entire time!!! Ugh!!!

She's also saying some of the cutest things....
Last week, in the car, we had a conversation that went like this:

A: Mommy, I hurt my pants.
Me: You hurt your pants? Or your pants hurt you?
A: Yes.
Me: Where does it hurt?
A: My belly button.
Me: (thinking that she is probably about ready to out grow her 18 M skirt) Can you unbutton your pants?
A: I can't!!!
M: (coaching her through it.)
A: That's better!

I later learned that she didn't unbutton her pants at all, but that the snap was chaffing up against her tummy. What a funny conversation!

She'll also tell me that someone who's sad in a book, or movie, "needs a binkie" or "Her needs her mommy."

Noah, Kaden, & Addie at the zoo. We get together every Tuesday with several other friends. This is the best shot we could get on this playdate.

These pics are from a couple weekends ago:

Me, Micah, & Addie riding the train in T-town.

Addie riding the carousel. Memaw is riding the horse beside her.

Addie and Epa went for another ride on the train!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

MK Website

I have set up a website for my Mary Kay business. So now, if any of you are DYING to get something and just haven't had time to let me know... you can get what you want 24/7!

Also-if you aren't wanting to host a party at your house, you can host one online & get free stuff if your friends buy within a 24 hour period.

Just some FYI....

Monday, June 02, 2008

School's out for Summer!

*** Kudos to Carrie and Wendy! I resized these two photos and it took less than 5 seconds for it to upload. Your expertise has given me my life back!!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!


Our sweet little girl is all TALK nowadays. She's seriously holding real conversations with us. fast things change!

We did absolutely nothing this weekend and it was wonderful. Things have been so crazy lately with showers & "outings". So we just had a lazy weekend, playing outside, going out to eat, getting ice cream, & watching movies. That about sums up our last few days.

Some Addieisms to share:

  • "So what's going on here?" she asks her daddy while he was on the computer.
  • She loves to stack blocks and make huge towers (with her tongue out, of course).
  • She likes to put felt pieces from her felt board on our shoulders. This is really fun and entertains her for quite some time.
  • Addie still loves to pour water so we ended up getting her a water table. So far, it's been a great buy. It keeps her occupied while I water the plants.
  • Which leads me to another thing she loves to do now...water our plants with the new spray hose nozzle. She loves to make the dogs (and her mommy) run like the dickens.
  • She has our neighbors (all of them) wrapped around her fingers. They love to come out and visit her and think she's the best little person. She's very good at remembering all their names and loves to wave to them across the street.
  • Addie stalls BIG time when it comes to bed now.

Kaylee & Lucas are still such sweetie pies. They don't make the blog as much as they should....I love them to pieces.

Kaylee helped me one afternoon when I was cleaning out my car. She decided to take a break. Eating cheerios & goldfish off the floorboard of the car is EXHAUSTING!

BTW: I don't believe anyone would still blog if you had to put up with my stupid internet connection. I've been trying to upload for over an hour now and still have only 3 pictures that uploaded successfully. We know it's not just our computer b/c we use Micah's new laptop and it's still slow. It must be something with our wiring. I'm so bummed b/c we have some great videos and sweet pictures, but it takes hours to upload them!