Monday, September 21, 2009

35 weeks...

I'm closing in on the finish line.....and I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I know this is my second child, but I still have many of the same fears...and some new ones b/c I know more about what to expect.

Addie keeps saying she's excited to meet the baby, and so am I. I am just praying for a healthy & happy little one.

I'm feeling pretty good except for lack of sleep. That's nothing new. This baby moves a lot, especially in the evening and she gets the hiccups a lot too! I remember Addie doing the same.

I took Lucas and Kaylee to the dog park yesterday that is close to our house. They had such a blast in the pond. One thing that was different this time is that Lucas now consistently beats Kaylee to the water toy. She used to whip him in no time. It's sad to see how she's getting older and can't move as fast. Of course, Lucas also has a good strategy...he actually looks to see where the toy has landed before he heads out to the middle of the pond!

Here's a cute video of Addie Sue...

We got out some of our baby stuff and Addie found this wreath that my friend Jenny made us when she was born. She found another way to use it...

We went to Topeka on Friday night to go to a football game at Topeka West HS where my dad taught for 34 years (He taught four years before that too). He was being honored for his coaching years from 1973-2002.

Of course, we had to ride the carousel and train in Gage park!!!

Lastly, here's a video of my sweet doggies at the park yesterday. They are so happy when they get to run free and play. I wish we had acres upon acres for them to enjoy.

Friday, September 04, 2009

New Haircut

Addie gave herself a haircut a couple weeks ago. I was letting her practice with scissors and completely forgot they were out. Then, I went upstairs to take a five minute shower, & she decided to find out what those bad boys could really do. When I came downstairs, she was behind the couch...and so were the scissors. She had cut a chunk from the back of her neck!!!

I was so upset b/c it was my last day off when Micah would be home and we were all going to go to a movie when he got off work. Instead, we had to go to the salon. :(

She sat really well in the seat. I think she was really upset b/c of the way I was acting. I have to admit, it turned out pretty cute after the stylist fixed it.

Several times since that day, Addie has declared, "I will never cut my hair into a bob AGAIN!"

We'll see...

Last weekend, we celebrated Memaw's bday. Addie made the cake.

She even put on the candles!

Memaw and Addie

We went to paradise park with a friend and her kiddo and Addie had a blast. Here she is featuring a face painting design done all by herself...shocking, I know.

Addie and Daddy do a lot of dancing. She likes to pretend that she is the princess who has "died" (I try to sugarcoat it and tell her she's just sleeping- but she calls it like she sees it) and one of us has to come up and kiss her. She will then pop her eyes open and ask us if we want to ride on horses to our big castle together. It's sooooo cute, but does get old. I have a limit on how many times I will bend over at this point and kiss her.

More of Addie and her daddy...sort of rough housing.

Here are some belly shots of me at 32 weeks. As of tomorrow, I'll be 7 weeks away from my due date!!!! I'm very excited to meet this little one.

Some funny addiesms:

"I'm busy doing this mom. I probably can't stop here!"

Addie was squirming while daddy was holding her and he squeezed her tighter. She said, "You are hurting my ribbons!"

Another time, she told daddy, "I'm not smiling. I'm a mean girl. See my face!" (and she made a mean face)

Sounds like we have a little diva on our hands? We do. But she's also got some incredibly sweet moments. She said the other day, "You know mom, when the baby comes, I might have to wait to hold her." I really think she's going to be a great big sister. She's watched all her friends get siblings and she seems to understand that now, it's her turn.