Saturday, December 30, 2006


We spent Christmas in California with the Hunt's and in Missouri with the Williams' .
She did fairly well on the plane trip out and back. Both of our flights were delayed so she got some walking in at the airport before take off.

Here are some highlights of our trip in the bay area:
  • We got to see our family and had a great time with Gigi, Papa, Aunt Beth, and Uncle Cory, and Rowan.
  • Addie got some great presents, including gifts from Russia!
  • Rowan and Addie played nicely together.
  • Micah and I got to go for a run along the was beautiful!
  • We got to have In-n-Out burgers.
  • The girls played a lively duet on the piano (see below).

Here's Addie trying out Rowan's Sit and Spin!

Ruthann read to both the girls before bedtime. I was actually nursing Addie before putting her down for bed and she heard Ruthann reading downstairs. She sat up and started saying "da-duh da-duh". She wouldn't settle down, so I took her downstairs and she finished listening to the book. It was so cute!

Addie feel asleep on the plane in mommy's arms both flights!

We had a problem with Addison dropping her binkies on the first flight out and it was nearly impossible to get them from underneath the seats, so Micah rigged this contraption up on the way home. It worked well!

Here are the highlights from our time with Memaw, E-pa, Aunt Joyce, Uncle Ken, Caleb and Toby:
  • Addie watched Caleb ride his scooter and big wheel around the block.
  • We opened lots of fun presents (again)!
  • Christmas was at our house, so we had lots of fun with our family staying the night.
  • Mommy and Daddy got to go to a movie with A. Joyce and U. Ken while Memaw and Epa stayed with the munchkins.
Addie shared her new activity table with her cousins (Toby & Caleb).

Here I am with Addison and Toby (my nephew who is 4 months younger than Addie, but one pound heavier)!

Toby sucks his thumb. It's so cute I had to take a picture.

We were extremely blessed this Christmas by our generous parents and siblings. Addison now has lots of clothes and toys and we have "toys" too! Most of all, we got to celebrate our Lord's birth. God is so GOOD!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

After many months, Addie Sue has decided to allow a tooth to come forth. She spends most of her day chewing on one, or two, index fingers as she waddles around. I guess the pointer fingers taste better. Here she is about to taste her right finger. Her proud tooth is just visible on the bottom.

Addie is looking forward to Christmas this year. However, I think that we told her the truth about Santa Claus a bit too soon.

We're slowly learning that if your child is playing quietly by themselves, then they're probably up to no good. Apparently, there was too much soil in one of Mommy's plants.

Why does the word "debonair" come to mind?

Addie Sue has a unique way of letting us know when she's had enough to eat.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Blessed family

Nothing really major has been going on this month. Still haven't seen a tooth. Addie is walking very well now and rarely falls. She's talking a bit too. She says "dada" and "duh"=dog, and occasionally says "hi". Why is it that the mom puts in so much work and they say "da da" first?

Anyway, here are some highlights of the last couple weeks:

Addie really likes spaghetti and hotdogs.

Rowan and Cory came over to visit us this weekend. They played nicely together (for the most part). It will be fun to see them together more at Christmas.

Addison still loves to play with everything that she shouldn't....The trash can for one example.

As she gets older, it's becoming more and more evident that Addie is a smart, playful, and sweet little girl who loves to talk (LOUDLY) to anyone who will listen!!! She loves her "Peekaboo" book (Thanks Tara!) and remembers to flip the flap down to see the baby's face everytime. She's also started to recognize signs, such as "milk", "more", and "all done". She loves to be chased and ride the "horsey" on mommy's leg. And everytime she hears music or I sing to her, she's adorable!

We are incredibly blessed with this little girl God has entrusted to us. It brings tears to my eyes to think that He has trusted us enough to parent such a joyful and special little girl.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

We got together with the Wilsons and the Morgans for an early Turkey Day. Here's a picture of Addison with her cousin Sydney. Aren't they sweetie pies?

Addie walks EVERYWHERE all the time now. She's really a toddler trapped in a baby's body.

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Very Funny Video (VFV)- Micah captured the essence of the video with one question: Who spiked Addison's sippy cup?

The weather was absolutely awesome so we got to spend more time outside than usual. We found her outside with her E-pa when we got back from a bike ride.

Addison loved eating at the bar...we don't have one of these at home. She could watch us cook while she snacked away. She did give us quite a scare though b/c she pushed on the counter with her feet and tipped the chair once.

Lucas spent a lot of time outside. He wanted in and she wanted out.

Addie is trying to talk so much now too. She says duh for dog (we think) and she tried say kitty/cat by making the "k" sound. She's imitating our intonation too. One time I said in a strong, loud voice "Bad dog" to Lucas (shocker, I know) and she mimicked my tone as she babbled. It was so funny!

As expected, Addie loved looking at the lights on the tree. She stopped to check them out briefly...then went on her way!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Walking Baby

We finally got a picture of Addison walking. She is walking most of the time now. Of course, she falls a lot...but she thinks she's pretty talented anyway.

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We take her to the doctor today for her 9 month check up. She'll be nine months this Friday! I can't believe how fast she is growing up. :(

Her doctor's appointment went well yesterday. She's 27 1/2 inches tall and in the 75%tile for height. However, she is only 17 lbs and 8 ounces which puts her in the 35 %tile for weight. That's not really a surprise to me since the girl hardly eats and never stops moving. The doc said she's not concerned though because once they start walking around, they thin out a bit. She's healthy in all other aspects which is the most important thing.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Fun Videos

We haven't gotten a video of her taking steps yet, but we're bound to soon. It seems that she is brave and tries to walk when our camera is no where near us. And we've got the camera rolling, she just squats down and crawls away!

Here's a picture of her standing on her own. She does this a lot now and has pretty good balance...even correcting herself when she almost falls.

This clip shows how she squats and then stands back up on her own.

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Addison climbed in her swing backward yesterday and started swinging herself by holding onto the dangling toys on the side. She's so independent and busy!

Here's the video of her swinging:

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Addison is getting fast at climbing up the stairs. She'd probably be fast going down them too, but I don't think it would be a pretty sight. There would be a lot of crying afterward, I'm sure!

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I just had to add a picture of our first "baby". She sleeps most of her life away. We only see her act lively when there's food or a walk involved.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Our Dainty Dinosaur

Addie was a dinosaur for Halloween. We went and visited a few friends and neighbors and then called it a night. She was incredibly quiet and docile so we thought it was best to get her home and in bed in case it was "the calm before the storm".

Daddy and daughter getting ready to "TRICK OR TREAT"!

Here's Addison checking out our neighbors' (Bill and Edith) home. There was much she could get in to!

Our dirty dinosaur couldn't wait to get in the bathtub.

Addison's E-pa and Mema came up on Sunday to get some snuggles in. She was unusually cuddly so we had to take a picture. Now I know why she was so calm and cuddly. I found out today that she has an ear infection in her right ear. Poor baby. She was just so fussy today, I knew something wasn't right and she had a temperature last night and all day today.

IMPORTANT NEWS FLASH: Addison took two steps!!! Unfortunately, Micah wasn't here to witness it, but the dogs and I did! I'm not even sure she knew that she did it. She's also become quite efficient at climbing up the stairs. This girl is CRAZY! It's hard to believe she isn't even 9 months old yet!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Addie and Daddy's Weekend

Mommy got a break this weekend and stayed in a fancy "cabin" so Daddy got to spend some quality time with Addie Sue. Father and daughter haven't spent a night together without Mom so no one knew what to expect. Not to mention that Addie was a bit nervous Daddy couldn't handle the responsibility. So what happened?

We played "Push the dog dish"...

"Opposite day at the Exer-saucer"...

I even let Addie pick out a movie to watch! She has good taste in movies just like her Daddy.

She insisted on showing me the proper way to use the remote control (apparently I've been doing it wrong).

After the movie we made scary faces at each other.

Then I showed Addie what it felt like to be a burrito.

We even had time to scrub the dirt away before Mommy came home!

So it turned out to be a good weekend after all. Although, Addie says that she gets to take a break next weekend.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Funny Girl...

I've got some good Addie stories to share. She turned 8 months last week and is acting like she's a toddler already. She's standing a whole lot more on her own and doing a good job of lowering herself to the ground without falling. She hates wearing hats now and pulls them off immediately unless I distract her and help her forget there is one on her head. Diaper changes are a nightmare now too since she rolls over right away and crawls off- she's got more important things to do.

Addie is still avoiding food like the plague. Some nights she'll surprise me and eat some carrots, but most nights, she only eats what SHE can put in her mouth. Last night, I got tired of her crying at me (with her mouth closed) everytime I'd bring the spoon near her mouth, so I just gave her the spoon and let her "explore" feeding herself. She decided to finger paint with it instead. She went straight to the bath and the walls had to have a good scrub down too.

Everytime it's bath time, one of us starts the bath water while she's in the living room or kitchen. In no time, she's peeking her head into the bathroom with a great big grin. She loves bathtime and has learned to associate the water with that special time.

Now Addison is using her "walker" to get around. It's funny when she hits the couch or the fireplace though b/c she doesn't know how to turn it around so she pushes really hard and then gets mad. Here's a video of her cruising around the family room.

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Friday, October 20, 2006


I had to add a post today b/c I got some funny pictures of "Little Miss". Yesterday while I was checking my email, I was aware that Addison had wandered into the bathroom. But then I heard the toilet paper roll unrolling and when I leaned back to see what she was up to, this is what I saw:

Here are just some more pictures of Addison in her pink hat her Gigi gave her. She always gets lots of compilments when she wears it, although it still doesn't keep her from pulling it off EVERY time I put it on her.

Addie is showing off her pumpkin.

And just like everything else... it went in her mouth.