Thursday, July 26, 2007

Just for the Fun of it!

It's really not fair that we get to enjoy Addie all to ourselves, so I'm sharing her with you today! Aren't you so glad?

Addie reminded us to say prayer before dinner last night, so I ran and got the camera to document it.

Reading books in her bedroom all on her own. She also sings to herself. It's very cute. Every once in a while, she'll call my name just to see me come. It's an adorable little game we play.... adorable for now anyway.

Addie had a big, big bubble bath last night...compliments of daddy.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our Vacation

We went to Colorado this past week to meet up with Micah's parents and siblings for a vacation. His parents paid for the condos and all the kids split the cost of food, so it ended up being a fun and affordable vacation. Addie traveled well too. This was her third long road trip since March so she's starting to be a pro. Unfortunately, she does not sleep in the car. The only time we got her to sleep was when we gave her some Benadryl to help her out, and even then, she hardly slept. She was pretty slap happy by the end of the car rides. She was laughing (sometimes crying) at just about everything.

Addison was such a good little girl. She slept well most of the time (toward the end she started waking up at night but we think that's b/c her one year molars have finally started to poke through her top gums). She got to spend lots of time with her Grandma Gigi and Papa, plus many of her cousins, aunts, and uncles.

We put my camera up to the Wilson's binoculars and got a glimpse of this elk up close.

My sister-in-law, Ally, and I were hanging out while others fished. We were the photographers.

One day, several of us went to a pond to catch dinner.

We went horseback riding one morning.

Addie helped Aaron pack his suitcase before we left for home.

Our niece Lauren took these these beautiful scenic pictures of Colorado:

The view from the mountaintop really does take your breath away. I even managed to get a few good ones too:

The whole gang up in the mountains (minus Grandma Gigi, Papa, and Addie Sue):

Hardly any of these photos are from our camera b/c we combined pictures on the Poul's laptop, but didn't get any of the photos from our computer back. When we do, I'll have to post more of many of the shots I took involved her, of course.

Tonight, Addie was just being silly so we took some pictures of her. She kept signing "more" after the flash went off.

Grandma Gigi got Addie Sue some dress up clothes. Doesn't she look like quite the beauty queen?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fourth of July

Addison loves fireworks. We didn't think we would see any b/c of the rain, and some of the friends we were going to get together with decided not to go. But later that night, it looked like it would clear up, so we got some ice cream and headed out to see if we could catch a glimpse of the show. Much to our surprise, the rain had stopped but must have deterred quite a few people from coming so there was plenty of space compared to last year. We practically had front row seats! There was an orchestra and lots of beautiful fireworks. Addie loved every moment of it. She was dancing and clapping and loving all the giggles and laughs she got from people sitting nearby. It ended up being a great evening.

Addie and Mommy

Addie and Daddy

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Addie Maddie Bo Baddie

Addie wearing Epa's hat

Our burrito baby. Remember how she used to like being swaddled? I guess part of her still thinks it's great.

Playing Hide and Seek

The dogs watch her every move.

Reading to herself. You can find her doing this a lot at home. She signs for books all the time now.