Friday, January 25, 2008

Nothing new

We don't have a whole lot going on at the Hunt household so I don't have much to report. I've done a lousy job of taking pictures of Doodlebug too, so I've included some, but not a lot.

Addie is such a two year old now. I thought that we had experienced temper tantrums before, but now I really know what they are...and so do the Wilson's. She threw a little ditty around them last week. Fun Fun!

I've been trying not to disturb the "ticking time bomb", but it's really hard to walk on egg shells all the time. We are going to go to Sydney's 2nd bday party tomorrow and I'm fully expecting to experience the embarrassment of a lifetime as Addie allows me the opportunity to display my parenting skills (or lack there of) to every other guest there.

I'm also going to visit my sister in North Carolina next week. I'm guessing I'll be able to tell you what exactly happens to mommy's and their traveling companions when they decide to scream
their heads off on the plane. Just kidding...I'm thinking positive thoughts.

Even though...
She threw a fit last Friday b/c I wouldn't let her eat a napkin. Yes, I wrote eat.
She threw a fit on Sunday night b/c Micah wiped her nose (all of our friends got to see that lovely tantrum).
She threw a fit on Monday b/c she didn't want to put her coat on and go to the gym.
She threw a fit on Tuesday b/c she didn't want her diaper on and preferred to run around naked (I actually let her for a while until she said she had to got poop...then I pinned her down and put one on as quick as I could.

BUT...things have been okay the last few days. I put her in the corner and tell her that she can come out when she's done crying and can be nice. I think I gave her too much attention the first couple times, b/c I really thought there was something wrong. I'd never seen her so angry.

I've also requested Love and Logic from the library so I can brush up on parenting skills. It's funny how I can give strategies to the families I serve with PAT, but when it's my own kid, I'm dumbstruck.

Addie likes to stand on her table and turn the kitchen light on and off...Addie likes to be assisted down and sent to timeout too. Did you notice she's eating a napkin too?

This is how I KNOW I love her....she's still adorable despite the silly screams and thrashing on the floor. In fact, it's sometimes downright hilarious and I have to try not to laugh (I don't want to be insensitive, ya know?) No matter how much maintenance she requires, I'm still really glad God decided to loan her to Micah and I for a while.

Addie and Isaac playing in her playroom.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Christmas with the Family

Micah brought home a box from work shortly after Christmas so we made her a little house. I think we had more fun making than she's had playing with it.

We've set it up downstairs in her playroom along with her slide and swing. She's hooked up for the winter...Lucas likes it too!

Both sets of Grandparents came out since Christmas to celebrate with us. Gigi and Papa came first and stayed with us for a week. We spent New Year's Eve with them and the Wilsons. We had a great time playing games, eating, and we watched the movie "Stardust".

We also played in the snow. Kaylee and Lucas were happy that someone actually came outside with them to play instead of telling them to go do their business.

Doesn't she look so cute in her snowsuit? She was licking the snow in this picture.

Gigi and Papa took her to Build a Bear for Christmas. Here she is making her bunny, Jenny.

I don't think she really got the whole experience, but she had fun anyway.

Memaw and Epa came the day that Gigi and Papa left.

They came bearing gifts too. So many, in fact, that Addie went on strike and refused to open anymore that day. She had to open a few more throughout the weekend. I think she's a bit spoiled, so we might have to have her give some of her older toys away to good will.
While they were here, we had time to go out and play b/c it was close to 70 degrees outside. Quite a stark difference from the week before. Here she is playing on her little car.

She likes riding her new tricycle, but her legs don't quite reach the pedals so she just moves it with her feet.

It was so wonderful to have both grandparents come and visit us for Christmas. She is adored by them and mentions them often when they are away.

On Monday, we passed the swing in the garage and she kept repeating "wing", "wing". So we went swinging.

Addie is talking in sentences a lot now and is doing a great job of naming colors and counting. One time she exclaimed, " I did it!"when she made a handprint while we were fingerpainting . She loves to have her hands traced too. She's growing up so fast, but the strange thing is that I love every stage even more than the one before. I'll probably think that each year (until she turns 13!). She's so much fun! It's hard for me to believe that she'll be turning two next month.

FYI: I'd like to update more often...but our computer uploads so slow it takes several minutes to get one picture up at a time. We're going to have to do something about our situation before I go berzerk with how slow it is.