Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Don't Laugh

BUT...I'm now a Mary Kay Consultant. I never thought in a million years I would do this. I sold CUTCO one summer in college and HATED it. However, my neighbor invited me to a facial party and I loved their skin care products. I just so happened to be in the market for needing some...and voila...It was there right before my eyes. I started to think..."Wouldn't it be great if I got to buy Mary Kay 1/2 off & make some money this summer too?" (my PAT job does not continue through the summer). I caved BIG TIME! I now have a huge inventory of Mary Kay products & am hoping to make my "investment" money back & possibly a profit, if things go my way.

SO....if anyone would love to help me out and let me do a "facial" or have a group of girls over for a party...Please give me a ring!!! I just so happen to be swimming in MK products! PS- there's also a skin care line for men too!

Okay, that's the last I will talk about it. I promise I won't be a bother to anyone...just wanted to get that tidbit of info out in case any of my fabulous friends are interested.

On to the pictures...and maybe a video:

Addie got a hold of a bottle of lotion downstairs while I was cooking dinner. This is how we found her.

Addie sticks her tongue out whenever she concentrates. Here she is "washing" dishes at the kitchen sink. She's obsessed lately with pouring and playing with water. I'm thinking she needs a water table.

Addie got into my jewelry box too. Here she is trying to put my toe ring on her wrist like a bracelet. Notice the tongue?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Lucas was being teased by a squirrel in the backyard. The squirrel is on the tree chattering away. Lucas didn't move a muscle for a really long time. Finally, he gave up because I called him to to eat.

Memaw, Addie, Caleb, Toby, & Epa

I haven't blogged in ages b/c we have very slow upload speed and I have no patience. Sorry. Pictures might not be included in this post...depends on how much time I'm willing to give up during posting.

We spent the weekend with my folks and my sister's family. It was really great to see my nephews!!! They are so cute. My sister came in town for a wedding so we got to watch the kids on Saturday night along with my parents.

Addie & Daddy hanging out in the hallway.

Overall, I had a great Mother's Day. It's always nice to be with family and any day with Addie is always entertaining. We went out for brunch on Sunday & went to T-town for a day at the park on Monday.

I've been swamped with work trying to close up my files for the end of the year. I've also been having a difficult time sleeping. I've struggled with insomnia since Addie was 5 mos. old. I'd actually been doing very well until around Easter when it started all over again. I'm very distressed and trying to figure things out. My burning eyes and foggy, muddled thinking is pretty much a normal feeling for me. So...if you see me next and I look like I'm 10 years older and strung out on drugs, now you know why.

Anyway, I'll try not to be so depressing and get to the fun part....Addie Sue.

I truly am so blessed to be her mommy. I know that I have so many things going for me (even if sleeping isn't one of them). I love my job, my family, my neighbors, my dogs. I have many friends who I can trust & enjoy being with.

Miss Addie Sue is quite a character. She talks very well now and has no problem telling you what she wants. She's also doing a little pout thing when she doesn't get her way. She sings songs, dances in circles & loves to swing on her new playground.

Finally, I got pictures to post:

Addie is all dressed up and ready for Mother's day brunch (Addie decided she needed the hat & gloves).

Addie and Toby had fun playing with the water fountains at Memaw's work last Monday.

Addie and Toby with Epa

Addie, Toby & Caleb