Friday, January 21, 2011


I'm a slacker. I meant to get Eliza's one year photos taken in October/November, but nothing worked out. So I took them to an indoor studio this week and have called it good.

So- here's Addie's 5 year pics and Eliza's one year pics (plus two months):

 Family: Let me know if you want a copy. I bought the CD and can print off pics at COSTCO.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Angels

We've had to get creative around here...since the weather is so cold.

 Addie likes to make tunnels out of the curtains.

We went out and played in the snow on Monday.

 Addie and Lucas LOVED the snow. They both love to eat it...Eliza didn't know what to think!

  But, she tried to eat it too!

Addie made a perfect snow angel.
 Eliza...not so much. However, she loved going down the slide!

We've been doing some baking:

We've been Dancing:

We've been building things too:

I'll show you these crates when I'm completely done with them!

Hope you are staying warm this winter!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Christmas Cliff Notes

Christmas was delightful! The girls had so much fun! I think one of my favorite gifts that A got was these clothes my mom made for her dolls. Aren't they adorable? We dressed them up and had a fashion show.

Snow white was the most fashionably my humble opinion. I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's review December in order!

Eliza is up to all the normal stuff toddlers love to do. Climbing, putting things she shouldn't into her mouth, running, putting things she shouldn't into her mouth, wriggling away during diaper changes....putting things she shouldn't into her mouth. Do you get the pattern that is forming? she is eating Addison's chapstick. Yummy!
 The Sunday before Christmas, I wanted to get a picture of the girls in front of the tree. E was ready to take a nap, so it was a bit of a challenge because she just wanted Mommy. Addie tried to help...but it just made Eliza MAD. Here she is rearing up to scream:

 So...we finally plopped them down and took one really fast. Addie is still restraining Eliza...but at least she isn't protesting...yet.
 We didn't get a family pic, but I managed to get one of me and the girls after church too!

We had a chance to go to Union Station with our friends Carrie, Kaden, and Lexi. Here are the kids checking out the model trains.
  It was a bit hectic and the kids were starting to get whiny, so we braved the cold and went out to play on the big toys on the Crown Center plaza. It was a good call. The kids had a blast and didn't mind the cold at all (or the snot running down their noses)!
 The cuties all together!

I'm so bummed we didn't get a picture of the girls with their cousins (Caleb, Toby, and Leisel). Guess we'll have to do a better job of that next time.

Christmas morning...the girls woke up to this:

Addie slept in until nine...Eliza didn't wake until 8:30. I guess that was their gift to us. Unfortunately, Micah and I were up early because we couldn't wait for them to see their gifts!

Santa left them some goodies in their stockings and he loved their cookies. He even left them a card to thank them. Addie got a thrill out of that!

But Santa also forgot to wipe his boots! Addie got a thrill out of that too!
 We have a tradition of reading the Christmas story while Addie puts nativity pieces on the felt board. This year wasn't so smooth. Eliza grabbed everything Addie put down and there was screaming and the story was cut a bit short this Christmas. Maybe next year things will be more serene. Nah...probably not!
 Eliza's FAVORITE gift was a doll that laughs and closes her eyes. She is obsessed with dolls and says "Baby. Baby. Baby!" in the most adorable high-pitched voice. She opened this doll up first and was pretty much done for the morning.
 Until Memaw and Epa gave her this:

She just had to figure out how to make it go without any wheels!

Addie got a new princess tent (which is currently in our roomdon't know why) She got an adorable pink guitar that she has rocked out to as well. She is the easiest person to buy for because she loves everything she gets. It's hard not to go overboard!

My mom made me these socks...aren't they cozy and cute? I love them!

A's favorite gift was this beautiful princess dress. She has worn it every day since!
 Here's the chunky monk in my old rocking chair. Don't you just want to eat her up?
 We braved the weather and went for a quick walk to help the dogs get some energy out. It's not as easy with two kids, so the poor dogs get neglected nowadays.
 Fast forward to New Year's Eve:
We had a relaxing evening at home with the Brown family. We ate and ate and ate and ate. I was so full, but I still managed to have some of Kevin's fantastic chocolate cake. Eliza had some chocolate too (she was so quiet, I forgot she was there for a while).

Kalani and Addie decorated a gingerbread house:

We played Wii and ended the evening with a movie, taking a break to bring in the New Year, of course. I'm shocked to say...both K and A made it to the finish line and then some. I couldn't believe how long A stayed up! She's tired and grumpy today however. Maybe, she'll actually take a nap. Doubt it, but a mommy can dream, can't she?

Don't let me fool you into thinking our life is perfect and we have it all together. My intention with this blog is to document the daily life of the Hunt family so our children can cherish it later. But, I want to be transparent and not gloss over all the sticky situations. That's the true nature of family anyway- the good, the bad, and the ugly.  However, I would be wrong to not be openly grateful and glorify my savior for the blessings we receive in life. It wouldn't be possible without the gift He gave us...which is better than any gift we've received under the tree this year. Life is good.