Tuesday, April 16, 2013

10 on Tuesday...

So...I'm gonna keep it simple. Here are 10 photos...that I am lucky I happened to actually take this week.

1. Mom and Dad got new carpet in their basement. FINALLY! It looks really nice! Wish I had pictures of the before. My mom probably has them on her camera.

2. The kids had a blast playing in the open area.

Grady insists on feeding himself now. Oh joy. He's Lucas's favorite person right now. Luke has never eaten so well!

 The girls had fun playing out side on one of the four nice days we've had this year. I love it when they play nicely together. It's becoming a rarity.

Here are pictures of my bathroom floor that my dad and I finished. It was carpet before!

I wish I could find a better picture of our bathroom, but you get the gist of what the room looked like before we painted it.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's complicated

I'm overwhelmed with life. So many things consume me and pull me in different directions, I can't even think about them without hyperventilating.

G just finished nursing...his idea. It was sooner than I had anticipated. I wanted it to be on my terms. I was hoping he would change his mind and come back to the boobie. But, no such luck. I think my hormones are out of whack now. I'm super irritable and feeling inadequate in every area of my life.

I'm pretty much a failure at managing the home, teaching my children, and working my business. I'm trying to fix up our home doing various projects and it's all starting to wear me down. It also appears that I'm going to miss the Leadership to Dominican Republic by ONE recruit! How sad is that?! Sometimes, it stinks to try really hard for something and not get it. :(

This blog used to be a source of stress relief for me so I'm trying to get my groove back and get into the habit of blogging more often. There's been too many changes to document, so I'll stick to the TOP 10:

1. Addie turned SIX! She had a rainbow party, invited 4 friends to go to CoCo Keys and spend the night.

2. I saw JJ Heller and Sanctus Real in concert.  It was AMAZING! (bad picture)

3. We celebrated Easter with family and friends. The kids loved hunting for eggs...but the sweetest thing to hear is when Eliza says, "The angel said that Jesus isn't here (in the tomb)!" after hearing about his resurrection in church.

Luke hunted eggs too!

Addie enjoyed spring break from school. She spent some time reading to her brother one morning. Looks like he did some reading of his own too!

5. Grady had ONE YEAR OLD photos taken:

6. Grady started walking too...

and riding his toys.

7. Eliza is enrolled in Preschool for next year! She's stoked!
8. We took the girls to see Disney on Ice. They really enjoyed it.

9. My folks sold their home of 40 years and moved to Blue Springs!

10. The two bathrooms upstairs have been under construction as my dad and I have been redoing the floors. I'll post final pics soon. But don't know that I took before shots!!! Darn!

This last picture is funny. Grady reminded me of that one puppy in 101 Dalmations that keeps standing up in front of the TV and all his siblings tell him to get down. Was that Lucky?