Monday, January 30, 2006

Baby's Room

The baby's room is pretty much done except we're waiting on a few baskets to come in and one more curtain. They'll be just the finishing touches the room needs- except the baby, of course)! Mom helped me make the curtains (okay...she did most of it). Micah and Cory painted the room while Cory and Beth were out in December. The pictures are a bit dark, but if you were here in person, you'd see three shades of green. We just love it!

Lucas loves to hide under the crib. His tail sticks out one end and his head is peeking out the other!

Dr.'s appointment - 37.5 weeks

This morning Beth had her weekly doctors appointment and everything is going as expected. The baby's heartrate was about 145 (it's been ranging from 130-148 during our last few visits). The doctor guesstimated the baby would weigh "in the 7s" when it's born. We saw a different doc last week and he gave the same weight estimation. We'd be plenty happy with a baby that size! I weighed 9 10.5 and Beth was 9 14. So anything under 8 seems small by comparison. The Dr. stated that the baby can be delivered whenever it's ready so now the wait is on.

I said wait, not "heat" (you know... "the heat is on, on the street", it's an 80s song... never mind)

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sonogram Pictures

These pictures were taken at 23 weeks. They're our only sonogram pics because "our insurance sucks" as Micah says. We, okay Beth, almost broke down and told the sonographer to tell us what sex the baby is...but Micah held we still don't know.

In this picture, the baby's ankles are crossed.

Awwww, look at the cute little spine!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Belly Pictures

We've taken pictures of my belly about every four weeks. It's cool to see how big I've gotten since June!

3 months- First of August

4 months- First of September

5 months- First of October

6 months- First of November

7 months- First of December

8 months- First of January

9 months- First of February

Due Date- February 16

Our Rationale

Dear Friends and Family,
Well...we've finally done it. We've created a site to keep everyone updated on what's happening with the baby. It seems to work beautifully for others who use blogspot and we really enjoy finding out about them, so this way you can check in on what's going on with us without us sending you brag letters all the time. :)