Sunday, March 30, 2008

All Things Addie

These pictures are a little late in coming...but, better late than never, right?

Addie went to an egg hunt with my MOPS group at church. She got to decorate a yummy cookie, color a bag to collect her eggs in, & make a mask. She was too good at finding eggs. Each kiddo was allowed to find 10 eggs, but she was on a roll & hard to stop. I finally convinced her to go hide the extra eggs. They'll probably never find them....she was putting them behind the pop machine, in the pocket of chairs, and behind a set of drums!

BTW: My mom made this sweater for Addie only originally it was a dress about a year ago. CRAZY!

We were planning on going to Branson with Micah's parents over Easter weekend, but delays in the airport caused them to get in a day late, so we stayed home & celebrated with the Wilsons.

Here she is all "dolled up" for church.

The Easter bunny came to visit Addie and spoiled her rotten. She loved the jelly beans the best and pretty much ate NOTHING else all day! We had a great time with Papa & Gigi as well.

Addie is excelling and practicing the art of "getting naked"! She LOVES taking off and putting on her clothes (or anyone else's)!

Here she is getting naked while in time out. I've had chances to see her literally strip down to her birthday suit...but obviously, these are not pictures that are suitable for the blog. Maybe I'll pull them out when she brings home that special someone from college!!! HA HA

In this picture, she is putting on her daddy's shorts.

Micah and I were just talking about how we love Addie's little toddler talk; where all her speech is broken up and telegraphic. It's so cute how she talks! Ex. "Addie fall. Boom. Sidewalk. Addison cry."

Sorry I don't have more posted. Blogger (or, most likely, my computer) is taking forever to upload and I've run out of patience.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

I should have been a plumber...

I wish I could post some pics for you, but since we've gotten a new camera, our card reader no longer works. Hopefully, we'll get a new one this weekend and we'll be up and running again.

So... we've had a minor household catastrophe this past week. Our newly remodeled bathroom (13 mos old) was leaking water into our basement and soaking up the floor board above our laundry room. To make a long story short, we had a plumber come out and fix it. 20 minutes & $145 later...everything was sealed and ready to go again. I think the plumber actually felt bad about the outrageous fee, b/c he gave me a "coupon" out of the phone book for $10 off. Anyway, it makes me wish I was a plumber...kind of.

We had a good Easter. Addie did the whole egg hunt thing and got toys in an Easter basket. I'm not so sure she really caught on to the whole "Jesus dying and rising from the dead for our sins" thing, but we tried. :)

I'll post some picture shortly!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tea in Topeka

We're in Topeka (my hometown) this weekend b/c I met up with a friend of mine for a playdate. We had such a great time catching up while our kids played at the mall.....I didn't get any pictures of the kids though!!! (I hope you did Tracy)

Memaw and Epa had the day off on Friday, so we went to the Kansas Historical Museum to play. We played outside for while, then went inside were she served us tea and plastic fruit.

There was an old prairie doll house that Addie pretended with for a split second before running off to do something else. I took this picture right as she said, "kiss" & pressed the two dolls faces into each other. I think that's hiliarious b/c I remember doing the same thing with my dolls!

Addie got to give the Easter Bunny five and he gave her a sucker! We didn't even ask if she wanted to get on his lap...that would have pushed her over the edge and we would have seen tears galore.

Anyway...we've had a great stay, but we do miss Daddy. We'll see you tomorrow, Micah!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Bed Bugs

So...the "rule" at our house is that Addie can have her binkie when she goes to bed. When she gets out, she leaves her binkie there. HOWEVER, she's totally taking advantage of the verbiage & I think we're going to have to be more specific. Perhaps a better rule would be that she can have her binkie when it's time to go to sleep. You see, she's hanging out in her bed quite a bit now b/c she knows she can have her binkie there.

This morning, I thought we were having a good time playing in the her playroom. I even let her dress me up (see photo below). Then, she disappeared on me. I thought she just went into the family room, but she never came back. I went up to check on her and she was just relaxing in her bed & sucking on her binkie.

Sunday afternoon, she hung out in there too. I decided to crawl in there with her and see what all the hype was. It is a pretty comfy bed...but not worth going to "baby jail".
Maybe I didn't get the full effect b/c I didn't have a binkie.


We got a great deal on an outdoor playgym this week as well. My friend Dana said one of her neighbors was selling theirs, and we were wanting one. We ended up getting it for $125. It could have been $120, but I kept upping the offer even after he said "okay". Obviously, I'm not the best negotiator...but Dana and I had a good laugh at my amazing abilities afterward.

Addie got a new haircut last week and I haven't gotten a chance to get a good shot of it yet. MOstly due to the fact that I never do her hair and also b/c she looks crazy when she wakes up. If I happen to fix it in the morning, it's a mess after her nap. I have to blow dry it and she isn't a big fan. But when it's done, it's really cute. It's a bit stacked in the back and longer on the sides.
You can see it from a side angle in the pic below.

Micah was changing her clothes after church...hence the scantily clad shot.

Good news! We have purchased a new camera, but we haven't received it yet. I'm really excited to get it in the mail!!! Hopefully, we'll be able to take action shots again.

Hope everyone is doing well. I had a great time yesterday getting to see some old(not old, but longtime) friends from college at Da's baby shower. It was nice to see you all in person instead of through a blog... :)