Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hair today...Gone tomorrow!

I cut my hair off last week and was able to donate 12 inches to Locks of Love. I don't feel sad to see my hair gone in the slightest bit. I think Micah does though....
The girls are just as cute as they can be! Eliza's hair is now long enough to put into a ponytail!

She's still a fabulous FIT THROWER too! She is starting to say two word sentences and imitates everything she sees. She loves to try and get her clothes on, but it's really hard for her, so that usually ends in a fit as well.

We went on a walk after church one morning and enjoyed ourselves for about 7 minutes. Then E was fussy and A was complaining that her legs were tired and she was STARVING. Micah did manage to get some cute pics of the girls walking ahead of us...which I love!

Addie is a great big sister. For the most part, she's very patient with Eliza. Little E has starting hitting when she's mad, but A doesn't usually hit back. One time she did, however, and E screamed like a Banshee!  I told Addie that we have to tell Eliza how to act "Be gentle...give hugs"...not hit back. That night, in her prayer, she said, "And God, when I hit my sister, please don't have her cry." It was too funny!

Addie is really good about keeping small things out of the way so E doesn't eat them and she shares so well. This morning Eliza hit her head, and while I held her and tried to comfort her, Addie went and got a sippy cup from the cabinet, filled it up with cold water, and brought it to her!

We went to the Kite Festival in Lee's Summit last weekend. I just love going. It reminds me of what families probably did for fun before TV, the Wii, etc. It feels good to just sit back and watch kites float in the sky. My folks were with us and we met up with Supavan, Kevin, and Kalani.

Addie had a soccer game beforehand, so she is sporting the athletic look while she flew her kite!

Eliza flew a kite too:

Finally, here's a pick of Addie with her Soccer team. They are so funny! Each of the kids have such different personalities! Addie is enjoying it more, although she's still a bit timid about getting in the middle of the action. I guess it's confusing for a child to be told to be kind to others her whole life and then as soon as she starts playing soccer, her parents yell, "Get in there and take the ball! Kick it away! Block his shot!" You catch my drift? She's also afraid of getting knocked down. But, last week, she got up every time she fell which I'm very proud of her for doing. I don't know that soccer is her thing, but I'm glad she's getting some exposure to it.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Soccer Star...

 Ok...not quite. But maybe someday...

Addie had her first soccer game last week. She did great...at first. She scored two goals, however, one of them didn't count because she tapped it in with her hand). She was quick on her feet and smiling the whole time. Until- she got knocked down. Then, she pretty much pouted the entire game and cried saying that she just liked practice. She didn't like to play in games. We even tried bribing her with McDonald's and she still held her ground.

I wouldn't let her sit down with us, so here she is hiding behind me instead of playing. Her coach kept asking if she was okay. He only has boys- so he must not be familiar with girls and their ways.
 With about three minutes left in the game, she finally agreed to give it another try. She was timid, however, and barely touched the ball. Let's hope things go better tomorrow! We still took her to McDonalds b/c that was better than sulking until the end.

Eliza is as funny as ever. She's such a good dancer and loves to climb. She's starting to get all skinny on me too! :( She says so many words. I think I've counted up to about 40. She imitates a lot also! Whatever Addie does, Eliza does too! I still love to see her run around in her diaper. I just love her little baby body! So cute!

 I finally finished redecorating the bathroom. It's not anything amazing, but much more functional. It all started with a $5 gallon of paint in an Oops cart at HD. I thought semi-gloss paint would be so much better in that bathroom than the flat paint that was in there. The people before us painted all over the ceiling too. It looked horrible!

Unfortunately, one thing always leads to another. I had to paint the ceiling. Prime the walls. Paint the walls. Then I decided to paint the cabinets b/c the finish was wearing off. So, I had to sand, prime and paint those. Finally, I had to get a new light b/c the previous ones were rusting and outdated. It wasn't easy, of course, b/c the hole in the wall wasn't centered. I had to fill the original hole and center the wires above the mirror.

Finally, I mitered trim and glued it on the mirror to dress it up a bit.

Before pics:

 After: (We still have to replace the floor...there's carpet in there right now. Weird, I know!)

No bad for less than $100, eh?

Someday we'll have this house fixed up just the way we like it. And then, it will probably be about time to sell it and move into something smaller. It just takes so much time and money to decorate! Who has enough of that?

Anyway, I'm ready for some springtime weather. The snow is ridiculous. Micah and I are planning to run in the warrior dash in July...so I have some serious "training" to do. I'm a bit more nervous for this than I was for my half-marathon in the fall and it's only a 5K. I'm thrilled to be able to run again without pain, so I don't really feel the need to throw in a bunch of obstacles (ex. fire, swamps, rusted old cars). I do think it will be fun though! 

Until next time...