Thursday, January 28, 2010

3 decor

For some reason, E didn't want to sit up. She kept kicking her feet and sliding down into a slouch!

2 months

1 month

2 weeks

Miss Eliza Ann is now 3 months old. She's content much of the time, sleeps well, eats well, and is learning to put herself to sleep. She's also trying to decide if she's done being swaddled yet or not. Sometimes it seems to help, but lately, it seems as if it is really uncomfortable for her and she grunts and groans.

We recently painted Addie's room. I still have to put up curtains and a few more decorative items, but you get the idea when looking at the pics.

I took this one while Addie was taking a nap!

The pic below is a "list" that Addie made the other day. I love it b/c you can see that she is making some letters. She also is showing that she understands that print runs from left to right!

Eliza actually likes her swing now! Micah said she was falling asleep in it last night so he took her out and put her in her bed. She slept the remainder of the evening...until I woke her at 11 pm to feed her. I missed her! :)

Addie is now an official bedtime staller. My mom said my brother wrote the book on stalling & I rewrote it. Well, now I think Addie has come up with a revised edition! You should hear the excuses for why she's not in her bed (in addition to the typical reasons: drink, food, etc.):
"MOm, I just forgot to tell you that if the baby cries, you give her some milk and change her diaper, Ok?"
"I forgot to give you a hug."
"I have to go poopy!"
"I fell asleep and Lucas woke me!" (after we left about 2 min. earlier)
"My lips are dry. I need some gasoline (meaning vasoline) on my lips."
"I can't breathe, my boogers are blocking my nose."
"I'm hot in my sleeper."
"Can you come and lay with me for this many? (holds up all fingers and both feet)

The list goes on, but I can't recall them right now! It's really first! We've also started a sticker chart for her for every night she sleeps without calling out for one of us. Some nights, she's been up more than the baby! It's a KILLER to have both of them waking at night. So anyway, if she gets five stickers, this time, she'll get a Blow Pop! Big time prize, I know!!! So glad she happy with the small things in life!

Until next time...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Fat and Happy

We painted Addie's room a couple weeks ago...

Micah says the color reminds him of Pepto Bismol. Addie was complaining that her tummy hurt one night and Micah told her to go to her room and it should feel better...haha.

Addie seems to love it though and that's the most important thing.

Evidently, this winter weather has left us a bit stir crazy. I left the room while we were painting for a while...and this is what Micah had done:

Here's a picture of my matching outfits. Yes, I am that mother, who dresses their kids alike. It's so cute & I won't be able to do it forever. :)

A woman I work with took some pictures of the girls (actually, all of us...even though M & I didn't plan on being in them). Besides me, who didn't have on makeup or my hair brushed, I thought they turned out cute.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

2 months

Eliza Ann is now 2 months old...and, OH, so wonderful!

Tummy time...

loving her Bumbo chair...

On her two month birthday, I was just tell my father in law that I had not given her enough tummy time & that her sister was already rolling over by now. I put her on her tummy AND SHE ROLLED OVER! She has since done it many times so I know it's not a fluke! She's a strong little one...just like Addie was!

We took her to get her checkup and shots. It was so painful to watch her get her shots. I feel bad for the nurse who had to give them! Her eyes got huge and she cried so hard. She was so mad by the time she got the third one, she didn't even want to nurse!
She's 20 inches long (50%tile) and 12 lbs. 9 oz (90%tile). Her little thighs are sooooo cute, I just want to eat them.

She also getting hands in her mouth.

She's learned to squeal, smile and is sleeping fairly well, waking up about once at night to feed. Over all, things with Miss Eliza are splendid!

Baby parade at 2 months

Big sister had to get in a shot too!

A glance at Baby Parade last month:

Christmas Festivities

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Now that Christmas has come and gone...I am finding the time to write about it. There were some disappointments b/c of the weather (I was unable to be with my folks on Christmas Eve), however, the White Christmas was beautiful.

We had our annual trip to see Santa...

Eliza waited for 45 min. to meet the Big Guy in Red...but she didn't seem all that thrilled!

Addie left a reminder for Santa about what she wanted...she left him some cookies, of course!

We decorated a Gingerbread house with our family in KC.

Gigi and Papa came out from California...

We made a snowman and tried to sled (with cardboard boxes b/c sleds were all sold out in the stores).

Lucas ended up eating our sleds (never give your puppy cardboard to chew...he'll just grow up and eat it any chance he gets) :)

Eliza handed out some sweet little smiles.

Addie tried on all her new dress clothes for us, including this snow princess outfit.

I tried to bake a Birthday Cake for Jesus from scratch but my shortening had gone rancid and I smoked out the whole house instead. We had our windows open on Christmas day in 11 degree weather. I think our heater must have raised the temp. outside to at least 12 degrees (haha)

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!