Sunday, May 28, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend!

This weekend we went to a wedding- but we forgot to take the camera to get photos. But that's okay...Addie wasn't too happy to be there and we had to leave early anyway.
On Sunday, we went to a BBQ over at Kelly and John's home.

Here is a pic of Kelly and Addison:

And here she is with Jenny:

We had a really good time and Addison was a pretty good sport.

Addison loves to hang out and just stare at her hands. Sometimes, if you're holding her hands, she'll intensify her stare as if she's trying to figure out which fingers belong to her.
Here are a few shots of her staring at her hands on the couch:

I finished my year up at Cler-Mont and since I'm taking next year off, we had to bring all my school stuff home and put it in the attic. I can't believe how much stuff I've acquired in just six years of teaching. Before I go back to the classroom, I'm going to have to pitch some stuff.

Micah starts working at SERC this Wednesday! I'm really hoping he enjoys it. It's kind of weird how we're doing a complete role reversal. Now, he'll be bringing home the bacon!

Check out my Sister's Blog!

I haven't mentioned that my sister started a blog too! If you're interested, check it out at:

Sunday, May 21, 2006

She found her feet!

I guess that after finding one's hands the next thing to do is to search for those things that cause all that splashing in the bathtub. Addie Sue has been looking at her feet for a couple of weeks but hasn't been able to figure out how to get them to her hands. Well, this past week she solved the problem! Any time she's on her back those feet come up and the hands go searching.

However, it can be challenging to change her diaper when she's intent on finding the other 10 pigs.

"Go Right hand! Seek them out."

We went to one of my P.T. classmate's wedding (Cory Faris) and dressed up Addie Sue in her "I'm stealing the bride's thunder" purple dress.

Even now, she's thinking about feet.

At Cory and Sarah's wedding reception.

We went for a walk yesterday with the dogs. Addie sue spent the time chewing on the Baby Bjorn. I think that she's trying to eat her way to freedom.

And here's the fruit of her labor. A red beard. Maybe next time, Addison.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Good News!

Addison turns three months old this week. She's becoming such a joy. She seems much happier, especially now that she can get her fist in her mouth.

And now for the good news... Micah accepted a job with SERC physical therapy! It sounds like a really good job. He will be working in the northern part of Kansas City (15-20 minutes drive from our home) so it's not too far away. Anyway, we're both excited about it.

We went on a walk yesterday with the dogs and Addison wore this hat that my mother made her. She has a cute dress to go with it too, but it has been too cold to wear anything sleeveless. Right now the hat is too big for her little noggin, but she's got time to grow into it.

Morning is the best time with Addison. She is soooooo happy it's hard not to smile at her even when you are so tired and want her to go back to sleep. Here are a few snapshots of her this morning on our bed:

I go back to work for about a week starting this Thursday. I am 5 1/2 days short of sick leave and would be docked a bunch of money if I don't go back to finish the school year. So...I'm a bit sad, but luckily, I'm blessed with wonderful friends who are willing to watch her during the day. Hopefully, they'll still want to be friends with me after watching Addison all day and seeing that they won't get anything done while she's there! :)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Micah's Graduation & Mother's Day

Micah graduated with his Master's in Physical Therapy today from Rockhurst University. It was such a great moment to see Micah accomplish something he's been working toward for four years (including pre-reqs.)... basically, our entire marriage.

Addison was really good. She stayed in her carseat the entire ceremony- of course, both my dad and Micah's dad swung her the entire time.

Stan and Ruthann visited the entire weekend. We celebrated Mother's Day and Graduation at the same time!

From left to right: Stan, Ruthann, Micah, Addison, Beth, Sharon, & Earl

Just the three of us...

Addie Sue and Jessica, they meet at last.

Addison was hanging out with me (Beth) after Micah's graduation.

Here she is just cracking up. For some reason, she had the giggles tonight. She was laughing so hard that she squealed! We got it on video- but you can't see it on here unfortunately!

Last Thursday, Micah was home with Addison while I went out with a friend on the Spring Homes Tour. He called and said that she turned over from her belly to her back. I guess she was fussing because she didn't like being on her tummy, so she kicked and pushed so hard that she rolled over. Micah said she looked surprised and was happy about being on her back. However, she hasn't been able to do again since. I don't think she knows how she did it, but she keeps trying. Here's a picture of her doing some Baby Yoga!

Those are her feet under her chest!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Addison discovered her hands!

My mom and dad said that when they watched Addison in April, she had just been staring at her hands with these big huge eyes. We've witnessed her entrancement since then, but just now got pictures of it. She is really entertained by just looking at her hands and fingers. It looks like she's doing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" song when you watch her in action.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Photo Session 101

Addison should be used to camera flashes by now. Micah and I just point and shoot pictures of her all the time...she's just so darned cute!!!
I bought her a little yellow outfit and then realized after I washed it that she would be out of it in no time, so we took lots of pictures of her in it. Here are a few:

We've been going on walks with the dogs just about every day and taking Addison in the Baby Bjorn Carrier. She loves it. She used to sleep in it, but now she has her eyes wide open the entire time. She is so interested in everything around her. Last night, she just cracked up everytime she looked at her daddy. She was truly laughing out loud. I just love that sound. I hope we get to hear it a lot as she grows up.