Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Addie!

I can't believe Addie Sue is three years old! Time has really gotten away from us. She's growing up fast.

We had a tea party on Monday with some friends of hers (and their mommies). Then, we celebrated her actual birthday on Tuesday with the Wilsons. My folks are coming in this weekend to celebrate with her too. She's going to start expecting to have a birthday week every year instead of just one day if we don't stop all this celebrating!!! :)

Andrew and Addie playing

Brayden, Abby, and Addie Sue playing make believe

Some of the kids were mesmerized by the dogs outside. I realized afterward that Addie was the only kid that has a dog out of all the kids at the party. That's probably why everyone else has cleaner houses. Just think how much these kids will love the zoo!

Would you like a spot of tea?

Her party was pretty low-key and relaxing. The kids played in her playroom. We had "tea" in which the kids got to pour their own juice and had yummy sandwiches, jello jigglers, etc. Then, they got to decorate their own cupcakes and sing the bday song, which Addie was happy to lead.

Brayden, Abby, Addie, Kaylynn, and Andrew (Kaden, Elaina, and Brynn are not pictured)

At the end, each kiddo got to take a swing at the pinata and fill up their bags with candy. I thought the mommies wanted to hurt me because their kids got waaaay too much sugar. I feel guilty...but Micah told me not to be stingy on the candy! :)

What good is a party unless you end it with blowers and couch jumping?

Other February happenings:

I went to North Carolina with my mom to visit my sister. She is expecting her third child... a girl, and had a baby shower. It was great to see my nephews and play with them. They're adorable!

Addie had some trouble with tape.

My nephew, Aaron, was the student director at his school for the show, Willie Wonka. This just happens to be one of Addie's favorite movies too! I think I was scared of it as a child, but obviously, Addie is fearless in this aspect anyway. She loved it. But, she was scared to death of actually meeting Willie Wonka after the show was over.

Here she is hiding between my legs. Maybe she thought he would turn her into a blueberry!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Bye-bye crib, Hello Big Girl bed

Well, we should have done this a long time ago, but we finally got Addie Sue her big girl bed. She's been crawling in and out of her crib for months now, but she seemed to enjoy the comfort of it so much that we just didn't bother with changing anything. In fact, if we left the railing down for her so that she could get out easier, she'd cry for us to put it all the way up!!!

I noticed a couple weeks ago that one of the screws had worked it's way I figured now is as good a time as ever to switch beds. She is almost three.!

Daddy took the crib down on Sunday afternoon.

Addie loves her bed and has slept great in it so far. She's even taking her naps!

The first thing she tried to do was jump on it...then climb under it to hide!!!

Mommy and Addie reading books before naptime.

A homemade obstacle course...

Hair do update: I also discovered how to get Addie to leave her hair up in her barrettes: grow out her bangs! She gets really tired of having to blow her hair out of her face, so now she asks to have her hair fixed. LOVE IT!

Having tea with Jenny B Bunny

Helping Daddy put together some shelves for Mommy