Friday, June 30, 2006

Our week in a nutshell...

Things have just been chucking major changes. Ruthann (Micah's mom) came out to stay for the week to help out around the house. I helped out with Vacation Bible School at East Alton every evening and so Ruthann watched Addie so that Micah could study. She also watched her on Thursday so that we could go out and celebrate our anniversary. I hadn't been to a movie in so we went to see "CLICK". It was cute and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
Here are some of the latest pictures of Addie Sue:

Addie isn't sure what to think of her Johnny Jump UP!

These rings are good, eat them I will.

... and don't let them ever put me to sleep again. Amen.

Addison loves her baby doll!

Addie is sitting in Kaden's Bumbo chair. I really want one but I don't know if I can justify the cost.

She still seems to be napping well...but her temper tantrums persist in the evenings. Today I managed to lay her down without being swaddled for her afternoon nap and she is still sleeping. She put herself to sleep too which really surprises me because she usually plays with her feet and then screams when she's beyond tired. Then I have to swaddle her really tight and get her to sleep despite her protests. I've seriously never known anyone to hate sleep as much as Addie. I'm going to assume that the reason she doesn't like to sleep is because she is so INTELLIGENT that she just can't turn her brain off. How's that for positive thinking?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Our New Nephew

Joyce and Ken had their baby on Tuesday morning... check out their blog to see more photos. They have finally named him...Kenneth Tobias Griffin "Toby". I love his name. I don't think I know of any Tobys- except for Toby McGuire and Toby Keith. He was a huge baby! At 9 days early, he was already 9 pounds!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Meet Kaden Elliott Edwards

Our friends, Carrie and Ben Edwards, had their little guy yesterday at 2:11 pm.

Meet Kaden Elliott Edwards
7 pounds even

So cute! It will be fun to watch him grow!

More Pics + Father's Day + Shots

Addison sat up like this for about 15 minutes yesterday while I cooked dinner. She was really concentrating on getting that butterfly toy in her mouth. EVERYTHING must go in her mouth...could she be teething? We'll see!

Addison got her shots on are her "battle wounds".

On Father's Day, Micah really wanted Addison to get a taste of what it takes to "fill his shoes".

Here are some more photos of the Hunt's when our Ohio gang came out:
The adorable twosome: Tylar and Christian

Angela andAddison

Two sets of Twins-Christian, Andrew, Tylar, and Aaron

Alan, leader of the Ohio Hunts.

From Left to Right: Angela (holding Addie), Felicia, Tylar, Andrew, Katelyn, Haley, Lauren, Aaron, and Christian (floor).

One final note: We could really use your prayers for patience as we deal with Addison's newest ordeal. She is still falling asleep on her own , but she is waking shortly after in the evenings and is impossible to get back to sleep. We couldn't get her down until about 12:30 last night and we resorted to shining a flashlight up at the ceiling to keep her from fussing. This has been going on for the past two weeks (ironically- ever since she started napping wonderfully). Micah and I aren't getting much time to visit with each other. We just take turns handing her off when we've had enough screaming- ear plugs have been helpful. WE'd really like to avoid having her cry it out until she's a bit older. We tried to let her cry for 20 minutes last week and she was so frantic, I thought she was going to throw up. We're starting to dread the evenings around here (esp. Kaylee and Lucas since their missing their evening walks). Micah should be studying for his boards, but hasn't had much success with all the screaming going on around here. Anyway- your prayers and thoughts are much appreciated.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Our Ohio family!

We left our camera over at the Wilson's house on Monday, so we still have more photo's to post. We managed to get some saved to our computer beforehand. Here are some pics with Addison and all of her wonderful cousins:

Haley and Addison (Angela's daughter)

Katelyn and Addison (Angela's daughter)

Lauren and Addison (Debbie's daughter)

Felicia and Addison (Angela's daughter)

The boys weren't as excited to hold the babies as the girls. Isn't that funny how God creates girls to love babies from such a young age? They were so good with both Addie and Sydney!

Here's a picture of the whole crew:

The twins (Tyler and Christian) are also in this picture. Sydney is also in this picture. Travis and Elsie (The twins' parents) are expecting their third boy in September. Angela supplied the girls and Elsie supplied the boys. Don't Allen and Lisa have great looking grandkids?

We really enjoyed getting to see the Ohio Hunts. I mentioned earlier that we just met the kids for the first time!!! I hadn't even met Angela in person yet! We'll post more pictures when we get our camera back.

Addison is still continuing to nap well during the day. The evenings are starting to get a bit rough though. We used to be able to rock Addie to sleep while watching TV, but now she wants to watch it too! So, we sometimes luck out and get her to go to sleep on her own in her crib. The last two nights, however, she has fought us for two or three hours...staying up until 9 or 10 pm. Of course, she's crying with her eyes closed the entire time since she's so tired! On a positive note, she's only waking about once a night to feed...sometimes twice. Once she's out for the night, she's fairly easy to get back to sleep--for now.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Crazy Dayz!

Addison had her first dose of cereal on Thursday evening. She spit it out- like we expected. But- she kept opening her mouth to try some more. Here is an action shot of her spitting it out:

We've been spending time with the Hunt's from Ohio this weekend and had a wonderful time. I'll post pictures with them tomorrow because their visit isn't over and we'll have more opportunities to get more photos then!

I'm thinking they bring good luck because Addison has had a great two days as far as napping and eating are concerned. I'm not saying it's anything permanent...but I'm gonna enjoy it while I can.

On Thursday night and Friday, Addie and I went to Topeka to stay with my parents and we had the worst night EVER! She was up every hour and slept fitfully on Thurs. On Friday, she refused to eat and hardly slept. I was starting to get concerned about her so my mom suggested that I call the pediatrician. The Ped. office suggested I come in for a visit since it sounded like she had an earache. I guess swallowing is painful and they don't like to be put down to sleep when their ear is hurting. So we hauled back to KC and got in at 4:00 pm. The Nurse Practitioner looked her over and said that everything looked great. She's still in the 75th percentile for weight so there was no concern over her lack of eating. I was beside myself. I mean..I'm was glad she wasn't sick, but I didn't have a clue why she wasn't wanting to eat or sleep. When we got home from the doc's, Addison ate like a champ. She slept awesome that night too. Yesterday, she took a three hour nap in the am and a 2 1/2 hour nap in the pm. We actually had to wake her up because we had a pool party to attend! Both these naps took place in her crib and I just set her down when she was awake and she soothed herself to sleep.

Last night, she woke up only ONCE! And- she has napped in her crib and soothed herself to sleep three times today. Whenever we've tried to rock her like we always have in the past, she's fussed with us until we laid her down. It's like she's saying, "Enough already...PUT me down!"

Don't think I'm bragging about her sleeping habits........NO WAY! I know this is most likely a fluke and will change just when I get comfy with the idea!

Here are some cute pictures of her after a bath:

Check back in the next couple days for pictures of our visit with Alan, Lisa, Angela, Felicia, Katelyn, Hailey, Travis, Elsie, Christian, Tyler, and our KC family- the Wilson's and the MOrgan's.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Laughing, story time, and feet.

Addie Sue has a new tummy time partner! Kaylee is such a sweetie...we couldn't ask for better dogs!

We went to another wedding again this weekend, but Addison didn't go. Micah was in the wedding and we thought it would be pretty lame to have to leave this one early. His good friend Joel Baker got married.

Here are just a few shots of Addison laughing. She is laughing out loud now and it's just the cutest thing. One way we can get her to laugh is to tickle her chubby thighs. She also smiles when you tickle her armpits.

Addie isn't really into books yet. Night time is not a good time to read to her because she is usually too tired from the day and just screams at you to stop reading. So I try to read to her when she's in a quiet alert stage...a full belly helps too!

We got Addison's three month photos taken and we'll have the pictures linked here soon. But, while we were there, we told the lady that we wanted a shot of her grabbing her feet. The lady seemed surprised and said that they don't usually get shots like that until the baby is about 5 months old. We assured her she could do it...and of course, she showed no interest in her feet at all!!! We did eventually get a couple shots of her holding them- FINALLY! Then, when we got home, guess who played with her feet for a good 15 minutes?

This weekend, our family from Ohio is coming into town and we'll get to meet some of them for the first time! We'll post pictures of our visit with them soon.