Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We went to the Royals game (on a dark and rainy Friday) and had a wonderful time. It was buck night...and the stadium has been newly redone, so we had a lot to do. Addie played on the playground, we ate hotdogs & peanuts. Addie Sue jumped in tons of puddles...

Micah went out after work to get her this outfit so that she would be comfy during the rainy game. Had she left her hood on, she would have stayed mostly dry the entire time we were there!

We ended up staying until about 10:00 (for 2 innings). We left because a) we kept her up entirely too late and b) we were sitting by some college kids with potty mouths. Luckily, out of all the bad words they were spouting off, Addie only caught on to one. She said to me, "Mommy, she said 'shut up"!"

The stadium is beautiful. Can't wait to go on a beautiful sunny evening.

The three of us all bundled up.

We took this picture of her the next day in the car. We haven't seen Addie fall asleep in the car since she was 18 mos. old....and even that was on a long car ride. The girl has too much to see evidently. On this day, however, she did not get a nap b/c we were running from party to party. She got about 8 min. before we got to her friend, Hailey's, bday party.

Our nephews, Aaron and Andrew, graduated last Tuesday (May 19). They were in third grade when I first met them...crazy!

Micah's dad, Papa, came out to celebrate with the boys. He also celebrated his 76th bday too! Addie helped him blow out the candles. Then she said, "Papa, you are old!" He took it in stride. I think he's actually more energetic than I am.

Micah and Joel put a new deck on our house. We've decided to put it on the market and the front step has been too steep since we bought it. Addie watched them through the window. She enjoyed watching them as much as she loves to watch TV!

We found a little bird outside by one of our flower pots this past week too. It was injured and cried for help all day. It was so sad. It did eventually end up hopping over in the bushes for shade. Poor thing. Addie still talks about that bird..."I think that bird is waiting for his mommy to help him!"

I'm getting bigger by the day. I never had any real cravings with Addie, but I really like nachos with jalepinos (sp?) and spicy banana peppers. Isn't that strange? I think I'm carrying this baby lower than with Addie too, b/c I have to pee ALOT and I haven't gotten any heartburn from eating spicy foods. I'm also having a lot more pain in my ligaments (from growing) or b/c I've got much weaker muscles- probably both.

We find out what we're having next Wednesday...I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Four months

Addie being silly today when I asked to take her picture for this blog

I'm feeling so much better now. Although I still probably sleep less that most people, I am no longer nauseous. YEAH! Addie has a mommy back as I am no longer laying around trying not to puke all day!!

Here's a four month picture. I've grown a lot... more so in other areas than my midsection.

I didn't carry Addie like a supermodel, so I don't know why I was hoping I would this time.

Addie wanted to join in the photo fun too! Here's her belly shot!!!

We went on a playdate on Monday with Carrie and Romy and their kiddos. They both had little girls within a week of each other. Here's what the two of them did the entire time. Aren't they sweet???? Lexi is the baby in back and Claire is the one in the front.

I hope my next kiddo likes the car seat. Addie hated it. There's no way she would ever have slept in it unless I was swinging it the entire time.

This is what I have to put up with on the dance floor at weddings, Ladies!

Irresistable...I know. I'm so lucky he's mine forever. :)

I keep a journal of all the funny things Addie says so that she can read all about herself when she's an adult. I was so consistent about updating it every month when she hit different milestones, etc. until she turned three. Now, I tell myself I'll write the funny comments she makes down in the evening...and by then, I've forgotten it!!! UGH! It's very annoying.

Here are some Addieism's I haven't forgotten though...

"Thank you, my child!"

"Mom, I'm angry at you." (She said this when she didn't get her way.)

"Are you taking your baby with you?" (When I was leaving for a wedding; I assured her that I would bring the baby back)

"I love your baby!"

As you can tell, Addie Sue is pretty excited about this baby that's on the way. She is going to be such a great big sister. She talks to the baby probably two times a day. Yesterday, we were at a hardware store and she talked to the baby through a pool noodle!!!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Trip to North Carolina

Toby, Aunt Joyce, Caleb, Leisel, and Addie Sue

We just returned from visiting my sister and her family in North Carolina. It was a great visit...a bit stressful with four kids, but wonderful nevertheless.

Leisel is just as cute and fat as can be. I loved changing her diapers just so that I could look at all the rolls on her legs.

Addie and Toby drove each other crazy. Their relationship is a bit of a cat and mouse chase. He loves to tease and she screams her head off. It's a vicious cycle.

Addie and Caleb get along really well. They play nicely together.

Joyce looks great after having her third child. They have a busy, but a happy home.

Addie had trouble sleeping there. I think she was afraid to sleep in a big bed up in the bonus room by herself. But when we tried to put her Caleb's room in the bunk bed, they just goofed around for waaaay too long. Eventually she'll get to "sleep over" with her cousin, but apparently she's not able to handle it just yet.

Our little miss is just cracking us up lately with her funny three year old comments. She calls me Beth Ellen sometimes. She "reads" books to herself, combining several plots from different stories. She'll start talking about Moses and then move onto part of the story of the Easter bunny and then finish with Goldilocks. It's quite creative.

Addie loves to make up her own songs too. Some of the lastest lyrics sound something like this: "My child, I love are my shining star"

We've had a few friends have babies these last two weeks:
Carrie and Ben had baby Lexi Elle.

Mark and Amber had baby Johnathon James.
Romy and Matt had baby Claire Tomilyn.
(I don't have pics of the last two babies)

Here's my first belly pic @ three months.

We did this every month with Addie and it was fun to see how I grew...
Click to see my belly pics with Addie Sue.
I'm not so sure it will be so fun this time around...

Anyway...have a great week! I should be doing a better job of updating now that I'm not as sick. My nausea comes and goes in small waves now, which is much better than before.