Monday, February 25, 2008

2 Year Check up

"I let my mommy curl my hair!!!"

We went to the doctor on Friday. Here are her stats:
Weight: 25 lbs..........25 %tile
Height: 33 in............75%tile
Shoe size: 5 1/2 or 6
Clothing: 18 mos & 2T (depends)

She really impressed the doctor b/c she labeled every color she saw. "Purple dress", "yellow shirt", "blue whale", etc. Dr. Williams asked Addie if she had any puppies in her ear and she checked them to see and Addie wanted her to check her dolly's ears too! "Roar! Lion in there. Dolly's ear!" It was really cute. When Dr. Williams felt Addie's tummy (for a hernia?), Addie told her there was an elephant in her tummy. We both cracked up. Her creative play is starting to show and it's a beautiful thing!

She got her Hep. A shot and we were out of there. She was not happy with the nurse and kept saying, "ouch, hurt, leg" as we left the room. When she saw the nurse before we left, she cried out, "hurt" as she pointed to the nurse in the doorway. I think she just about brought tears to the nurse's eye. But maybe not...she's probably used to getting mean stares from the toddlers that she inflicts with a needle.

I took her to Target and got her a little ELMO backpack from the $1 section...and everything was fine.

This week has been a bit strange. A has been struggling with a virus (along with the rest of the nation). Some days she is fine (99 degrees), other days she might have a temp. (103 degrees). I think she broke out in the chills today and it was a bit scary. I gave her some meds and put her down for her nap. I hope she wakes up happy. I really don't want to cancel my personal visits tomorrow (PAT). It's nearly impossible to get them all rescheduled and made up the following week.

Addie washing & eating her play food.

Some Addieisms to share:
  • carries blankets/towels between her legs and says, "Look! I have a tail!"
  • Calls daddy's lunch bag his "purse"....."Daddy's purse!"
  • About three weeks ago, I told Addie that I was not going to come and help her find her binkie in the middle of the night...she sometimes makes a habit of calling out for mommy when she can't find it. I explained that she should just feel around for it and put it back in her mouth and I would not help her anymore. She did great for about 3 nights.....then we heard her call out, "Daddy! Daddy! Ginkie daddy!" I think it's hilarious! It's nice to hear her call for him and not me all the time. Besides it works too! Micah gets up and gives it to her b/c he can't sleep with her calling him. :)
  • A few funny phrases we've heard the last couple weeks, "oh Dang!", "Wow! Cool!", "uh oh, Happen?", "mmm, tasty!", We say..."Sharkbait", she says, "ooo, ha ha!" (from her fav. movie...Nemo)
Addie loves to swaddle her babies and read to them. That's exactly what she enjoyed as a baby too!

Happy Addie

Sad a matter of seconds!

Monday, February 18, 2008


Addie after her party (and FULL of SUGAR)

A blast from the past....Addie Sue this time LAST year!

How can this be? I don't believe my "baby" is two years old now!!! I mean, I want Addie to mature, grow, & learn...but I want her to stay little and innocent forever too! I know I can't have it both ways.

Addie was soooo psyched for her "Nemo" party. All morning, she kept saying, "Nemo party. Birthday cake...Addie birthday cake...mmm...two...Nemo party..." you get the drift. She perseverated (sp?) on it so much that I was sure she wasn't going to nap. Luckily, she had a great nap and was generally happy for her party guests.

Addie all dressed up for church.

I know it was just a small two year old party, but you know how things tend to grow, and grow, and grow. It kind of turned out into a BIG party and I was a bit stressed out the night before. I didn't think the details were going to get worked out very, snack, craft, people, entertaining, etc. Then, we woke up to a mini-blizzard and I assumed most people would call to cancel. But, we went to church and it turns out it was just what I needed. Paster Fred had to change his message last minute, since so many people were gone, and he did a bible lesson instead. I left the service feeling completely at peace with whatever may come. I'll have to save my notes so that years down the road, when we're planning Addie's wedding, I can remember not to "sweat the small stuff".

Anyway, the party went fine. The kids seemed to have fun & Addie Sue was tuckered out at bed time. The house wasn't even that messy! I have to say that my MOMMY was soooooo helpful and the preplanning went much smoother because of her. She even made Addie a Nemo cake (see below).

Memaw made a perfect Nemo cake for the party.

We hardly got any pictures b/c we need a new camera. We're "researching" right now...which means we might have a new one in a couple months. We drag our feet when it comes to spending money (I'll try to post some more when I get pictures from my mom and dad).

Last weekend, Gigi and Papa (MJBH's parents) came out to celebrate with Addie. We enjoyed their visit and Addie soaked up their attention.

Papa reading to Addie Sue before bed.

Gigi painted Addie's nails for her....she was fascinated!

We'll go to the doctor's on Friday to get those wonderful SHOTs, and stats on height, weight, etc.
We have some adorable video of her counting & singing, but (as is always the story) it takes too long to update!!!

Hope everyone had a great week and found time to reconnect with your "special someone". We didn't. We put Addie in bed and I fell asleep on the couch while Micah watched TV. We did cuddle...does that count?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Our Trip to North Carolina

Addie and I had a blast visiting my sister and her family last week. Addie was an awesome traveler. In fact, I got a compliment every time we left a plane on how well behaved she was. She was a very good listener and didn't complain one bit.

Addie riding Toby's toy

While we were in North Carolina, we went to an indoor play place. The kids had a blast and didn't want to leave, but definitely need to. They were exhausted.

Addie running through an obstacle course.

On Saturday, we tried to go to the Billy Graham library (notice I said "tried). We actually made it there and were so impressed, but the little ones weren't. There was a lot of video and they couldn't handle it, so we went to a park instead. I would highly recommend that anyone take a tour if you're passing through Charlotte, NC. I hope I get the chance to see it again.

Caleb, Toby and Addie at the park

I think out of all the dinners we had, Addie stayed put for only one meal. She didn't have a seat and was up and down, up and down every chance she got. The only exception was on the last day at breakfast. I was so impressed, I took a picture. Then, my sister pointed out that the TV was on. That explained it.