Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Trip to Colorado

We just got back from our trip to Colorado with Micah's family.

Addie was an awesome traveler. She didn't sleep the entire way there or back, but she managed to keep busy and didn't complain a bit about being strapped in her car seat.

watching movies

reading her bible

Here are some of the highlights...

Horseback riding...

Her horse's name was Star.

My doc said that I shouldn't go horseback riding, so I stayed behind to take Addie on a pony ride. The thing they didn't mention is that I would be LEADING the horse around myself, and it was a HORSE, not a pony. Star kept trying to push me around and eat grass. I finally had to get stern with her and keep pushing her onto the road. I really think horseback riding might have been more relaxing!!! But--- Addie had a great time and has talked about it a lot since.

Micah on his HIGH horse!



This water was FREEZING!


The trip was really hard on my body. I didn't sleep well at all was very tired and since we were in a condo, I think I actually cooked/cleaned up dishes more than I normally would at home! I'm really happy to be home & I missed my doggies. But- I did get a tan b/c I frequented the pool while everyone else napped.

Here's a picture of me at 28 weeks (7 months). Baby is progressing well...she moves quite frequently and, in fact, has a body part that pushes on me almost constantly (maybe her rump or a knee). Last night, I just watched my belly button push out and in. Very entertaining since we don't have cable.

We're still working on getting organized in our new home. Some kinks still have to be worked out... We had a sump pump malfunction one night and some basement flooding and we've been doing a lot of wondering...

For example, why do I have to run my dryer 3 times to get one load dry?


Why does Addison's door smell like B.O.?

I haven't even bought a crib for this next baby or bedding for that matter. I guess I figure I've got bigger fish to fry and we'll get to her room when we can. Besides, she's going to be in my room for the first three months anyway.

Hope everyone is doing well. I start back to work this week...don't know that I'm ready for it, but I will probably get into the groove once I get to see my work friends and families more often.

I'll leave you with a funny picture someone took of us while we were out in the stream. This random little boy is in the picture...and for some reason, it just makes me laugh. It's not really flattering of any of us, but esp. not him!