Friday, August 09, 2013

Hi Mom!

I'm sure you're the only one reading this right now...

I stink. I couldn't even remember the password to sign in. That's how long it's been since I've updated.

Summer is coming to a close...

My little people and I made a bucket list that was full of a grandiose activities...and small ones too. We accomplished a lot. We didn't do a few. Guess we'll have to put them on next summer's bucket list.

Some highlights this summer include:

  • Zoo trips
  • yogurtini trips
  • Slip 'n Slide
  • Water balloon fight
  • sleepovers
  • Lemonade stand (A made enough money to finally get her AG doll)
  • mini golf
  • made a fort (actually a real one). I'll show you our improved playset when it's all done!
  • swim lessons
  • bowling
  • fireworks
  • fishing
  • Music in the Park (BS has a fun band every Sunday night)
  • and our favorite summer activity...
    • COLORADO- where we went rafting, horseback riding, camping, hiking, & mountain biking

     View from our balcony

     Addie and Choctaw
     E and I on our horse...can't remember her name. 

    Alpine slide in Winter Park 

    Grady threw the girls Jasmine dolls off the balcony.  


    We had a fabulous time in CO!
Next summer, we will have to visit the BlueBerry patch, go to the Omaha zoo, and Shatto Dairy farm. Those were on the list, but never worked out. We planned on going to a movie too, but G-man would be a maniac in the theatre, so get'r done next summer as well.

School starts next week. Addie just got her teacher's name and saw her class list. Mrs. Leiker is her name and her good friend Maddy is in her class for the third year in a row! She's estatic!

Until next time...whenever that might be!

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